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Hana's website

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Hana's website is a weblog that is part of's Heroes360 experience.


On February 5th, Hana Gitelman sent a text message to participants in the Heroes360 ARG:

Don't fall behind. Join the cause. Go2: now.

Following the link to the site reveals a blog posting detailing the events of the ARG to date and explaining how to use

I could use your help. If you haven't already done so, go to, fill out an application now and then come back here and follow my trail.

OK, ready? Now go to:

Primatech Paper's "About Us" page. Scroll over the "P" in their logo. Find the helix? Good. Click on it.

Once prompted enter…

Username: bennet
Password: claire

This will bring you to an Assignment Tracker titled subfolder Group C3. These are a guy named Bennet's files.

I believe this "paper company" employee is someone I formally only knew as "the man in the horn-rimmed glasses". He trained me, tested me, and led me to believe he was part of America's CIA. Then he sent me to Africa (Tanzania) and hung me out to dry.

Why? Don't know. That's part of why we're here. I'm looking for some help. I'm looking for some answers.

Before I go further…I digress…

I have a special ability. If it's digital information, I can see it, hear it, navigate it, and manipulate it. I don't need to plug into a desktop of a PDA to do so either. It all just comes to me.

Don't ask me how. It's one of the answers I'm seeking. This Bennet guy may have given me this ability. Injected it into me. Built me this way. Made it "manifest". Maybe it was always in me. Not sure. He also seems to be tracking me.

Want some proof?

I traced a package to that Primatech Paper Company. It was for a pneumatic isotope injector. Please tell me why a paper company needs that?

I think he's either finding or building more people like me. Sending us on missions and poking and prodding us for who knows what.

Want more proof? Check out my file – C3001

Username: bennet
Password: HGghx11a

Don't mind my psych report, you can't trust those doctors. What do they know about how I communicate my emotions?!

Anyway, I left a clue buried in my profile. It's the password to get into file C3004. If you found it already, then you're the type of person who's help I could use.

For those of you who use(d) Cliff's notes for book reports…

Username: bennet
pswrd: GGeh81zu

This is Gabriel Gray. If you read the papers, you may know him as "Sylar". If you read his file, you'll soon learn he can't be trusted.

He has unhealthy compulsions and is dangerous to my cause. I think he's killing other people who have "special" abilities like mine.

Right now I'm all about finding more people who can help and building a team around Gray is definitely not a good place to begin.

That's it for now. Searching for more. Will keep you posted.

If you have any leads or ideas about who this Primatech Paper Company or HRG guy really are, send a text.

I'll be listening.
Posted: 02/05/2007

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