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First appearance Libertad
In-story stats
Known ability Wall crawling
Formal name Unknown

Harmon is a member of a group of traffickers. He is an evolved human with the ability to crawl up walls.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Libertad

Misha talks to Harmon outside the Angry Skunk bar, telling him to be careful since people are disappearing. Harmon says not to worry. Angie walks into the bar as the two are talking.

Later, Harmon, outside the bar, is approached by a man in uniform who introduces himself as Simon Bolivar. Bolivar gives Harmon a card that reads "Viva Libertad! Rebel & Be Saved." Unbeknown to Harmon, he and Bolivar are being watched by a technician and his team. Harmon takes the card inside, where he shows it to Misha, Angie, Maya, and another trafficker. They discuss the authenticity of the card and the identity of "Rebel", and when the same message, "Rebel & Be Saved!", pops up on the bar's TV screen, the team is convinced.

However, Misha and the other trafficker are captured that night, and after they are tortured by the team that was previously watching Harmon, they give up that Harmon, Maya, and Angie are meeting that night. Rebel, however, finds out about this and tips them off. Harmon crawls up the wall of a nearby tall building to avoid being captured by government agents.

Evolved Human Abilities

Harmon has the ability to crawl up walls easily. Using this ability, he evaded his captors by crawling up the wall of a tall building.

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