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'''Heal''' could refer to:
'''Heal''' could refer to:
* '''[[Claire Bennet]]''', an [[evolved human]] with the power to [[regeneration|heal herself]].
* '''[[Alejandro's ability]]''', which causes victims of [[Maya|his sister's]] [[Poison emission|ability]] to recover.
* A '''[[curandera]]''' who sees that [[Maya]] is filled with blackness.
* A '''[[curandera]]''' or "spirit healer," who sees that [[Maya]] is filled with blackness.
* '''[[Healing]]''', [[Mr. Linderman]]'s [[ability]] to heal others.
* '''[[Healing]]''', the [[ability]] to heal others.
* '''[[Daniel Linderman]]''', an evolved human with the [[ability]] to [[healing|heal]] others.
* '''[[Healing touch]]''', the [[ability]] to both heal and kill others.
* '''[[Rapid cell regeneration]]''', [[Claire]]'s power to heal herself.
* '''[[Health optimizing]]''', [[Marc]]'s [[ability]] to optimize other people's health.
* '''[[Rapid cell regeneration]]''', [[Claire]]'s and [[Adam]]'s ability to heal themselves.
* '''[[Plant manipulation]]''', [[Brendan Lewis]]'s ability to heal himself due to his plant-like characteristics.

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Heal could refer to: