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Heidi Petrelli

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Heidi Petrelli
Heidi petrelli.jpg
Portrayed by Rena Sofer
First appearance Nothing to Hide
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Hyde Park, NY
Residence Heidi Petrelli's home
Significant other formerly Nathan Petrelli (deceased)
Children Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli
Other relatives Arthur Petrelli (deceased, ex-father-in-law),
Angela Petrelli (ex-mother-in-law),
Peter Petrelli (ex-brother-in-law)

Heidi Petrelli is Nathan Petrelli's ex-wife and was involved with his strategies for his bid for congressional office. She was confined to a wheelchair because of injuries suffered from a car accident where Nathan was the driver, until Linderman healed her. She separated from Nathan following the explosion.

Character History

Nothing to Hide

Heidi and Angela Petrelli plan a brunch at Nathan's Hyde Park estate, hoping to garner a sympathetic interview from New York Journal reporter Oliver Dennison. Dennison questions Heidi about the accident and attempts to imply that she blames Nathan for the accident. She deflected any such allegations.

During the brunch, Dennison reveals that he knows Nathan was seen with a blonde in Las Vegas, but a gatecrashing Peter claims Nathan was speaking with a depression expert on his behalf. Heidi later confronts Nathan, asking him if Peter's explanation was true, and telling him that she needs hope if she is to walk again. Nathan confirms Peter's explanation.

Six Months Ago

After celebrating Peter's graduation from nursing school, where Heidi and Nathan dance, the two of them drive back home. An SUV from behind tries to run them off the road. Nathan suddenly disappears from the driver's seat, uncontrollably levitating upwards. Heidi is left alone in the car, which crashes into some barrels at an exit ramp.

After a surgery that took 10 hours, Heidi's surgeon calls Nathan aside and informs him about Heidi's condition: from now on, she has to use a wheelchair.

The Hard Part

Heidi returns to the Petrelli Mansion with her two sons, greeting her husband at the entrance.


Heidi finds her husband talking with Mr. Linderman, and she is uncomfortable at his presence. Before he leaves, he holds her hand and says that he wants to give them both a gift for the occasion. After he leaves, she berates Nathan for allowing a thief into their home. Nathan explains that Linderman is his biggest campaign contributor, and starts to notice Heidi's feet moving. She slowly stands up and hugs Nathan, who says that it is a miracle.

At the victory celebration, she complains that she shouldn't be hiding what happened by still using the wheelchair, but Nathan tells her that people don't believe in miracles and they need to wait before making it public.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Nathan tells his mother that Heidi and the boys are heading to Nantucket.

Four Months Later...

Heidi and the kids have left Nathan, driven away by his drinking because he is unable to cope with Peter's presumed death.

Four Months Ago...

Heidi is told by Angela Petrelli outside Nathan's hospital room that the Petrelli family has a history of delusions of grandeur, and is told to keep it secret.


Heidi and Nathan drive together, but are rammed from behind by Linderman's men. When Nathan suddenly floats above the car, Heidi is left alone in the vehicle. She crashes into several water barriers and is later taken to the hospital. Heidi's surgeon informs Nathan that Heidi has severely injured her spine and will not be able to walk again.

It's Coming

Nathan tells Tracy that he married Heidi because she was the girl his father wanted him to marry.

An Invisible Thread

Heidi appears in Nathan Petrelli's memories as Matt Parkman implants Nathan's personality into Sylar.

Upon This Rock

Heidi and her sons attend Nathan's funeral.

Let It Bleed

At the reception following Nathan's funeral, Heidi bids farewell to Angela Petrelli and leads her sons away.


  • Her first name, Heidi, is of Old German origin, and means "exalted nature".

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