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On Heroes Wiki, characters are categorized by season.


All characters who appear in episodes are classified as either a main character, a recurring character, or a minor character. Likewise, actors and actresses have corresponding classifications: principal cast, supporting cast, and guest stars. Please note that with the exception of principal cast/main characters, other classifications are not "officially" recognized by NBC. Characters and actors are simply classified by Heroes Wiki for categorization and organization purposes.

Main Characters

Each season, NBC announces the contracted principal cast members. The characters they play are considered main characters. Therefore, only characters listed as "main characters" by NBC should be categorized as main characters.

  • If an actor is promoted to a principal cast member in the middle of the season (e.g. Jack Coleman during Season One), that actor's character (e.g. Noah Bennet) should be added to the main cportal for the season in which he appears (e.g. Portal:Main Characters/Season One) and navbar (e.g. Template:Characterseason1) used for that season's character.
  • If an actor is no longer a principal cast member in the middle of the season (e.g. Tawny Cypress), the actor's character (e.g. Simone Deveaux) should not be removed from the main characters portal or navbar for that season. However, if the actor is no longer a main character in subsequent seasons, the portals and navbars for those subsequent seasons should reflect this. Additionally, the actor should be placed in Portal:Former Principal Cast.

Recurring Characters

If a non-main character has a certain number of appearances in a season, he or she will be classified as recurring characters. These characters are listed as recurring characters in the portals and navbars. This classification is only pertinent to Heroes Wiki and should not be seen as a reflection of the character's importance or the billing/crediting of the actor. The following table shows how many appearances a character needs in one season to be considered "recurring". Note that shorter seasons require less appearances.

Season Number of appearances
for a character to be
considered "Recurring"
Season One 4 appearances
Season Two 3 appearances
Season Three 4 appearances

Note that the actor should appear for the given amount of times in that season. Hence, a character may be considered a recurring character in one season but not in another (e.g. Meredith Gordon is a recurring character in Season Three but not in Season One). Likewise, a character's total number of appearances for a season should not be combined with their appearances in an another season when determining whether or not the character is a recurring character. For instance, Monty and Simon Petrelli both appeared four times in the first two seasons, but they only appeared three times in Season One, and once in Season Two. Hence they are both considered minor characters for both of those seasons.

The actors who portray recurring characters should be considered supporting cast.

Minor Characters

All characters that appear in Heroes, if not classified as a main or recurring, are classified as "minor characters" and are placed in the alphabetically-sorted minor character portal for that season. Minor characters are not linked individually on the character navbar, as recurring and main characters are. Note that this classification is only pertinent to Heroes Wiki and should not be seen as a reflection of the character's importance or the billing/crediting of the actor.

Other Classifications

Webisode Characters

All characters that do not appear in Heroes episodes but do appear one or more Heroes online webisodes should be listed as a webisode character. They should be added to Portal:Webisode Characters and Template:Webisode. As well, the actor who portrays a webisode character who does not appear in a Heroes episode should be considered part of the webisode cast.

Graphic Novel Characters

All characters that do not appear in Heroes episodes but do appear in the Heroes graphic novels should be listed as a graphic novel characters. Each graphic novel character should belong to the portal of the main character it is related to. For example, if a Parisian woman sees Daphne steal, she is placed in the Portal:Daphne-Related Graphic Novel Characters portal, and has the {{GN Daphne}} navbar on her page. If a graphic novel character has no significant character it relates to, it is placed in Portal:Miscellaneous Graphic Novel Characters portal.

Heroes Evolutions Characters

All Heroes-related characters that appear online, but not in Heroes episodes, webisodes, or graphic novels should be listed as a Heroes Evolutions character.

Deceased Characters

Once a character is confirmed to have died in Heroes, his/her page is updated. His/Her navbar entry is also italicized, to show that the character is deceased. Also, his/her portal entry is italicized and faded by adding deceased=true, to clearly show that the character is deceased.

If a character that appears in multiple seasons dies, he/she is only listed as "deceased" (i.e. italicized in navbars/portals) in the navbars or portals of the season that he/she died in. For example, since Adam Monroe died in Season Three, the Season Two characters navbar and portal still list Adam as alive since he was alive during Season Two.



Portals of characters should be sorted by season and by character type. In all portals, characters should be alphabetically listed. This includes the individual character-related portals for graphic novel characters.


A new character navigational bar, or navbar, is created for each season. Navbar entries should be alphabetically sorted.