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Heroes: Survival

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Heroes: Survival
Heroes Survival.jpg
The Heroes Survival Game is a role-playing game on the Heroes NBC website.

First mentioned: July 2, 2009

Heroes: Survival is a part of's Heroes Evolutions experience that allows players to create and role-play characters in the Heroes universe.

Heroes Evolutions

The characters created in Heroes: Survival do not directly affect story events, but each character, also called a "hero" in the game, experiences similar storylines similar to that of the iStory.


Users are presented 1-2 times each week, normally on Tuesdays and Fridays, with an event text message sent to them by their characters and are able to choose each character's response. The choice of response shapes their character's personality between altruistic, aggressive, clever, and ethical. Event messages are often related to the iStory, with every character transmitting the same message as though he or she were part of the story. Thus, these messages should not be considered canon for a particular character unless confirmed in an iStory chapter or graphic novel. Users are also sent a few wellness messages daily that increase a character's health by clicking a 'send assistance' button. Similar to a Japanese virtual pet game, characters gradually lose health over time. Characters gain experience whenever their creators answer one of their messages. The sooner a creator answers a character's message, the closer to maximum experience points for that message the character gets.


The heroes in the game are ranked daily at 3AM Pacific time. The rating used to assign rankings is generated using a formula that looks at factors like participation and consistency. When factions are released, there will be new ways for heroes to get special rating, health, or attribute boosts; and eventually, even ways to attack the scores of other factions and their members. The top twenty rankings are listed along with their experience points on the main pages of the Heroes: Survival game.

If a user goes on vacation, their characters with average health should be able to survive on their own up to a couple weeks on average. Users can then regain health for their heroes about twice as fast as it was lost. So a user should be able to catch up after a break. However, a hero's rating and thus rank will dip temporarily during this period.


Users must register an account at myNBC in order to participate. It is recommended that they also register an account at the Heroes 9th Wonders! forum for tips and discussion about the game, and help and support.


Users must initially give their characters nicknames to be used by the system, and can customize them by filling in profile fields for first and last name, avatar image, power name, power description, and a biography. These additional fields are optional and not affect playing the game. However, providing them may increase the odds that the character appears in a chapter of the iStory and/or a graphic novel. There are no concrete rules for how to get a character into the iStory, but some helpful factors may include a unique fact in the character's profile such as an unexplained event in their biography, or an unusual location; flexibility in the biography, such as an unexplained fact or easily described powers; a high ranking; and patience. Rachel Mills and other Heroes characters and events do not need to be mentioned in the biography, and the biography does not need to be long. Thus far, a few Heroes: Survival characters have appeared in The Civilian iStory including Cole, Marc, and Mykah.


Scheduled for release in August 2009, factions are to be part of "phase 2" of the Heroes: Survival game, along with an improved hero profile, extending the biography section, and including a "bio generator"/"design-a-hero wizard" that would help improve/write a character's biography.

Factions will allow users to band a character together with one or more other heroes for special bonuses. Each character that joins a faction will then begin receiving a new type of message and story about faction activities. The choices factions make will have a dramatic effect on other factions, so users will need to choose their allies and enemies carefully. Factions will have a dominant personality, so users should choose a faction for each character that is similar to him/her in terms of personality, or the hero may change in unexpected ways. Faction strength will not be based only on size. It's possible to participate in a faction without communicating with other players. Users can even build a faction out of their own heroes if they want.


Contests are to be part of "phase 3" of the Heroes: Survical game. User will be able to compete in-game and game-related challenges to win prizes. More information is to be announced regarding this at a later date.