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Heroes Reborn app

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Heroes Reborn app
Heroes Reborn app.jpg

First mentioned: July 9, 2015

The Heroes Reborn app was launched by NBC as a means to deliver both old and new content.

Old Content

Users of the Heroes Reborn app can browse old content from Heroes in several ways. Users can scroll through Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, and Season 4 of Heroes. Under these season headings, users have several options: explore the main characters of each season (including reading information about each character and watching key scenes involving each character), watching "specially curated" clips and text from each episode of the given season, or being directed to a link to buy and download the full episode from the iTunes Store (at $2.99 per episode).

Season 1

In addition to the "speed binge" episodes, the following characters were listed for Season One on the app:

Season 2

The Season Two section of the app allowed the user to browse through the following characters:

Season 3

Users could follow character arcs for the following Season Three characters:

Season 4

The following characters from Season Four were featured on the app:

New Content

In addition to watching the old episodes and content from Heroes, users of the app could also see content from Dark Matters and Heroes Reborn.

Dark Matters

The Dark Matters section of the app has links to the following characters:

Clicking on any of their pictures, or clicking on the the link for "Episode 1", takes the user to Dark Matters, Part 1, including a faux YouTube advertisement for Renautas, and introducing watchers to the idea of "evos" in the years following Claire's leap from the Ferris wheel, and to the characters Phoebe, Quentin, and Hero Truther.

On July 23, 2015, users of the app were able to watch new content, including all six episodes of the prequel series Dark Matters. (Note: Dark Matters could also be watched by clicking on the menu button and choosing "Heroes Exclusive Video".)

Heroes Reborn

When the app was first released, the section for Heroes Reborn Season 1 listed the following characters:

All clickable links took the user to a teaser trailer set to Scala & Kolacny's cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters". Some were followed by a short, 3-5 second introduction of the new character.

On November 1, all Reborn characters were updated on the app with brief video summaries.

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