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'''Howard Lemay's son''' is separated with [[Howard Lemay|his father]] because of the [[Shanti virus]].
'''Howard Lemay's son''' is separated from [[Howard Lemay|his father]] because of the [[Shanti virus]].

==Character History==
==Character History==

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Howard Lemay's son
Howard Lemay's son.jpg
First appearance Quarantine
In-story stats
Parents Howard Lemay, Unnamed mother

Howard Lemay's son is separated from his father because of the Shanti virus.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Quarantine

Howard Lemay is driving along with his wife and son to reach a quarantine in Youngstown. After stopping to get gas and food, he encounters Dylan, who points a shotgun at him demanding to know if he is "clean". Howard says he is with Homeland Security and explains their situation. Dylan joins them, explaining that he was the last survivor of an outbreak in his town a month ago, and he hasn't seen anyone in ten days. They reach the quarantine, and Dylan and Howard's family are led inside. After Howard radios Atlanta, Dylan begins to show symptoms inside the quarantine. Howard's wife pleads with him to let them out, but he locks them inside, knowing he can't risk letting the infection spread further.

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