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Inez Bustamante

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Inez Bustamante
Book A Matter of Trust
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death June 10, 2014
Home Los Angeles, CA
Children Elena Gutierrez,
Grandchild Jose Gutierrez
Other relatives Oscar Gutierrez (son-in-law)

Inez Bustamante was a blind patron of All Saints Church, and the mother-in-law of Oscar Gutierrez. Due to her declining health, Inez wasn't able to attend Mass as much towards the end of her life.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

A Matter of Trust

In April 2014, Mauricio Chavez suggests that Simon Navarro practices his ability on Inez Bustamante, who is blind. Simon wonders if she will tell anybody that he is an evo, but Mauricio reassures Simon that Inez can be trusted, and that she won't tell anybody. Mauricio asks Oscar Gutierrez, Inez's son-in-law, to ask Inez for permission to test the ability, which Inez grants. Soon, Simon and Father Mauricio come to Inez's apartment and Simon causes Inez to see again. Simon warns her that her sight won't last past an hour, but Inez assures him that "you need to learn to take joy where you find it." She immediately uses her newly restored sight to work on an embroidery pattern that she had been working on for Jose before she lost her vision. Though she went blind again about an hour later, Inez was not disheartened, but rather thanked Simon for the gift, temporary though it may be.

Simon (and Mauricio) continue to covertly go to Inez's apartment so Simon could restore her sight every four days throughout April and May 2014. Inez's periods of sight gradually increase by a few minutes, and she makes great progress on her embroidery. Her enthusiasm for her "new lease on life" spills over to other areas of her life, and she has friends over to visit more often. On June 10, 2014, Inez's declining health takes a turn for the worse. Inez calmly lies in the middle of her bed, surrounded by her friends and family. Mauricio tries to get ahold of Simon to restore her sight one last time, but Inez passes away quietly before Mauricio can contact Simon. Her funeral is held on June 13, 2014.


  • Inez lives on the fourth floor in Apartment 403.

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