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Interview:Emerson Brooks

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On the 2nd of October heroes wiki conduced a interview with Emerson Brooks, who played a New York City police officer. This interview was conducted by skywalkerrbf.

Did you watch Heroes before you took the part? Do you still watch it now?

I did. I was a huge fan of the show, never missed an episode. I lost my way a bit midway through last season, but I'm ready for number 3 and it has priority on my tivo.
If so do you have a favourite character or episode?

I think one of the things that make the show great is its fantastic ensemble cast.
Do you have any stories from the set?

Yup, but I'll never tell.
Did you have any lines which were cut from the final episode?

Yup, it was dissapointing. I was actually on set for a couple days and filmed a few scenes, sadly only one one, sans lines, ended up in the episode. This happens all the time in TV. When editing an episode for time and story, producers have to decide which elements of the episode to cut. Generally it won't be the scenes with the lead actors. Let's be honest here, no one tuned in that day to see me if you don t count my own mother.
If you could have any power, then what would it be?

For years I thought invisibility would be pretty great. However, recently I have been thinking that the ability to go back in time a couple hours would be useful. Obviously I'd be sports betting and online trading.
What was it like to work with and Adrian Pasdar?

He is one of those people you meet and instantly know you've met an exceptional, genuine person. That's rare.
Do you work mainly as a voice actor or a physical one?

Primarily on camera.
Can you tell us a bit about any up and coming work you are doing?

Sure. Keep an eye out for me in 24 and Numb3rs this fall, and Terminator 4: Salvation, and Brüno next spring and summer.
You have studied martial arts for over 20 years, what got you interested in this?

Some girl kicked my ass in the 3rd grade. I decided then and there that would never happen again. My ego could never handle that again.