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Interview:Evs Dropper

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On July 24, 2008, the mysterious evsdropr answered a number of fan-submitted questions, as posed by Ryan Gibson Stewart.

Ryan Stewart: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions, evsdropr. You have been contacting many people and communicating with them a lot recently, and lots of people want to ask you questions.

Evs Dropper: My pleasure. Thanks to all that have been following.

RS: Tell us about your motives. Why are you doing the things you are doing? What has the Company done to you that makes you so angry? More importantly, why now?

ED: The Company has a dark secret that has deeply affected my life in a negative light, and I fear that I am not their final victim. Since we are such a close-knit and secretive group, I feel the only real way to have my revenge is by taking the Company down from the inside out.

RS: How long has the Company been on your radar?

ED: The real question long have I been on theirs?

RS: What is your end goal you have in mind? What do you want to see happen to the Company? What will you do after this is accomplished?

ED: I want to see the Company's secrets exposed and for the agents to know exactly who they are working for. When there is nothing left to hide, I want to be left alone.

RS: Why should people side with you? Who is to say that you are the "good guy" and that the Company agents are the "bad guys"? Really, isn't it a question of which is the lesser of the villains?

ED: It's about Justice. If you or someone you loved was hurt, wouldn't you want to settle the score?

RS: How far will you go to take down the Company?

ED: As far as I have to.

RS: Does this growing body count bother you? Is there no other way to do things?

ED: It bothers me, but someone has to pay for the sins of the Company and I'm not into favoritism.

RS: You're hurting a lot of people, and that doesn't sit right with many people who follow your actions. How does the end justify the means?

ED: I only put people in situations that lead them to discover more information about whom they are working against and with.

RS: You seem to know a lot of information and have access to secure areas. How can this be? How do you know what you know, and how do you do what you do?

ED: I cannot divulge that information just yet, as I fear that it may jeopardize the mission at hand.

RS: What do you do for fun?

ED: Escape.

RS: What were you like when you were a child?

ED: Curious, confused, and eager to make a change. I guess I'm pretty constant. ;)

RS: Have you ever loved another person?

ED: Yes. But in this dog eat dog world, loved ones can be taken from you in the blink of an eye.

RS: How exactly did you learn of Hana's contacts?

ED: Company findings. You'd be surprised how much information Matt Neuenberg was able to discover before he passed. I was able to get the information with a little help from my friends inside the Company walls.

RS: You have contacted a lot of people by sending messages on What purpose does serve in your world?

ED: It has been a way for me to keep a more direct contact with the people I enlist for help.

RS: You told us that Ida May Walker is Molly Walker's relative. How exactly are they related?

ED: Ida is her grandmother.

RS: How about Sylar--you know who he is?

ED: Sylar is one of the Company's most wanted. His power and control over his use of it is some of the strongest and most lethal I've ever seen.

RS: How do you earn a living?

ED: I'm on the Company payroll.

RS: You talked a lot about Brian on What exactly has your interaction been with Brian?

ED: After Brian came out of hiding he was trying to look for the people that had wronged him, but it certainly wasn't me. Somebody must have gotten to him, because he suddenly went quiet again. I'm sure he's up to something.

RS: How much briefing did you give the German?

ED: I gave him some headshots of our three agents and the mission files so he would know what the Company knew.

RS: Did you know of the painting of Donna's death when you first contacted her?

ED: Yes, I knew that the painting existed. The Company has quite a few that people don't know about.

RS: Thank you, Evs, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions.

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