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Interview:Tak Kubota

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On the 3rd of Octor 2008, Heroes Wiki conducted i ainterview with Tak Kubota, who played the old monk who conducts Kaito's funeral. This interview was done by skywalkerrbf.

Did you watch Heroes before you took the part? Do you still watch it now?

I watched Heroes just a few times before actually being in the show.

If so do you have a favourite character or episode?

I like Masi Oka. A young but very talented actor.

Do you have any stories from the set?

Learning the Japanese chanting while being the monk was very difficult. We had a real monk (Rev. Ito) that had to help us with the chanting to make it authentic. We could not just say anything we wanted. I actually had to memorize a real chant.

Did you have any lines which were cut from the final episode?

No, everything was used.

Did you enjoy working on Heroes? Was it different from any other jobs you have had?

I did enjoy working on Heroes very much. Most of the work I do is for commercials and movies. Not too much for TV series. The shooting for Heroes was therefore able to be done in one day where as movies can take much longer. I like short shooting schedules because it does not keep me away too long from my other work as a karate instructor.

If you could have any power, then what would it be?

The power to heal myself and others

What was it like to work with Masi Oka and George Takei?

They are both great guys and fantastic actors. I have had the opportunity to work with many top actors and the people that are top in their field never fail to amaze me with their talent.

You have been in almost 300 movies, but which one was your favourite to work on?

The Hunted with Christopher Lambert. I was a drunken swordsmith. It was a great action movie and one of my best character roles.

You are the only living soke in the world, does this put a lot of pressure on you?

As a Soke, you have to constantly create. I work sometimes for many years on a new kata form only to have to discard it and start over again. The amount of concentration it takes to create karate kata is tremendous. I just finished my last kata which is the culmination of my work. It is called "Ju No Michi" or "Life's Road". It has taken such a toll on me that I think it will be my last one!