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Rachel's interviewer iStory ch4.jpg
First appearance The Private
Debut January 14, 2009
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown

An interviewer interviews Rachel Mills and listens to her stories about her times in the Middle East.

Character History

Heroes Evolutions

The Private

In chapter 1 of The Private, an interviewer sits behind a desk of an office and asks Rachel Mills about her time as a U.S. Marine. He asks why he should even consider employing someone who screwed up their career so badly, then listens as Rachel begins explaining what happened on her last tour of duty in Iraq.

In chapter 2 of The Private, Rachel's interviewer takes a break to fetch himself some coffee, though he doesn't ask Rachel if she wants any until after having returned to the office with his own cup. He pauses and re-checks her personnel file before saying her last name. When Rachel declines the offer for some coffee, he asks her to continue her story.

Later, the interviewer writes down some notes when Rachel recounts telling Ammar that he wouldn't be there unless he already knew he made a mistake. The interviewer explains to Rachel that based on her responses, she seems like a Type E personality, which is excellent if she is on a balanced team. He reaffirms that she doesn't have the job or a team yet, and asks Rachel to continue with her story, somehow noting that Ammar had a proposal for her before she mentioned it.

In chapter 3 of The Private, Rachel describes the interviewer as a bland-looking guy, thinking to herself that she doesn't think she could walk out the room and describe him. The interviewer tells Rachel that they expect the truth when she warns him that the next part of her story will not match the official account. When Rachel then replies that she is giving him the truth, he says that no warnings should be necessary. He then listens as Rachel asks him to remember he said that and continues her story.

In chapter 4 of The Private, the interviewer continues to listen as Rachel goes on with her story. When she pauses a few times, he keeps asking her about what happened next each time so that she continues. Upon Rachel reaching the point in her story where she flees the facility, the interviewer tells Rachel that she doesn't need to continue. However, Rachel asks why he doesn't want to hear the rest of her story, so he thumbs through a notepad and explains both how she actually escaped and what was written in the official account. He explains that they believe Rachel's story and Jim joins them in the room. The interviewer then leaves the office by himself, saying he is letting them catch up while he checks with his superiors.

When the interviewer returns carrying a camera, Jim leaves. The interviewer then notes to Rachel that she had an unusual experience in the Middle East that may prove valuable in the days ahead. After finishing setting up the camera facing a blank wall, he asks Rachel how she explains what she encountered in the facility in Iran. He listens to Rachel reply that she can't explain it, and only has questions. The interviewer then notes that her not being able to explain it is good, and that his organization is going to help her. He also adds that they would like her to join their team and that training begins in twenty minutes. He adds that she needs to make any desired calls now as she will be unreachable until after her first mission that will begin in a number of days. He then directs Rachel to stand in front of the camera and repeat after him.

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