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'''Jake Worden''' is the second Assistant Director for the [[Nowhere Man]] and [[The Recruit]] [[Webisodes]] series.
'''Jake Worden''' is the second assistant director for the ''[[Nowhere Man]]'' and ''[[The Recruit]]'' [[webisodes]] series.

Jake Worden has worked in such TV shows as ''Connected'' and such films as ''Redland'' and ''Morning''.
Jake Worden has worked on such television shows as ''Connected'', ''October Road'', ''Moonlight'', ''Waterfront'', and ''Ghost Whisperer''. He has also worked on such films as ''Redland'', ''Lonely Joe'', ''Morning'', ''Impact Point'', ''Montana'', ''John's Hand'', ''X's and O's'', ''Devil's Den'', ''Reservation Road'', and ''The Utopian''.


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Jake Worden
Jake Worden.jpg
Title Second Assistant Director
Gender Male
IMDb profile

Jake Worden is the second assistant director for the Nowhere Man and The Recruit webisodes series.


Jake Worden has worked on such television shows as Connected, October Road, Moonlight, Waterfront, and Ghost Whisperer. He has also worked on such films as Redland, Lonely Joe, Morning, Impact Point, Montana, John's Hand, X's and O's, Devil's Den, Reservation Road, and The Utopian.

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