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| first = Nothing to Hide
| first = Nothing to Hide
| owned = Jessica Sanders
| owned = Jessica Sanders
| status = held by [[D.L. Hawkins]]
| status = Unknown
[[Jessica]] has an [ HK P2000SK] '''handgun''' she uses to [[Jessica's victims|threaten]] [[D.L.]]
[[Jessica]] has an [ HK P2000SK] '''handgun''' she uses to [[Jessica's victims|threaten]] [[D.L.]]

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Jessica's gun
Jessica's gun.JPG
Jessica prepares her gun.

First mentioned: Nothing to Hide
Owned by: Jessica Sanders
Current status: Unknown

Jessica has an HK P2000SK handgun she uses to threaten D.L.


Nothing to Hide

Micah calls Niki to let her know that he and his father are at the Littlefield Motel off Highway 14. However, Jessica has answered, and is preparing a gun while receiving information from Micah. After their conversation, Jessica loads the gun.


After failing to kill D.L. with her rifle, Jessica tries her gun. She talks with Niki about power and control. At the sound of Micah's voice, Jessica responds and reveals her gun. When she finds Micah, she elusively readies her gun, intent on killing D.L. Jessica is surprised by her husband, who hits her with a shovel. The gun falls to the ground and D.L. momentarily retrieves it. However his upper hand is quickly equalized as Jessica overpowers him and kicks him across the Utah woods.


In the elevator of Ridgway Jewelry, Jessica readies her gun. After catching up with Matt Parkman and Aron Malsky, she fires a few shots at them, but misses. Matt manages to sneak up behind her in the stairwell, and tells her to drop her gun over the railing, which she does.