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{{Character box
| name = Jim McCann
| sortname = McCann, Jim
| image = DC reporter.jpg
| portrayer = [[William Katt]]
| nick =
| debut = The Butterfly Effect
| mention = <!-- Episode character was first mentioned.  Use for characters who have not debuted. -->
| known powers = None
| formal name =
| alias = <!-- Pseudonyms and special monikers, not nicknames. -->
| gender = Male
| age =
| born =
| pob =
| marriage =
| died = March 21, 2007
| home = Washington, DC
| residence = <!--Physical building where character lives; will link to existing articles. -->
| occupation = Reporter
| significant other =
| parent =
| grandparent(s) =
| grandchild(ren) =
| guardian = <!--Non-parent legal guardian(s)-->
| child(ren) =
| other relatives =
| sibling(s) =
| spoiler = <!-- "true" for spoiler warning and colors -->
'''Jim McCann''', a reporter, hassles [[Tracy Strauss]] about her resemblance to [[Niki Sanders]].
==Character History==
===[[Episode:The Butterfly Effect|The Butterfly Effect]]===
As [[Tracy]] walks to her car, the reporter stops her and shows her an advertisement for [[Niki]]'s [[|stripper website]]. Tracy dismisses it and asks why someone like her would do something like that, to which he responds that that is exactly what he wants to know. He then tells her that he is running the story, to which Tracy says she will destroy him if he does.
Later on, when Tracy returns to the garage, the reporter confronts her with [[Linderman's tape|a video]] of [[Jessica Sanders|Jessica]] having sex with [[Nathan]] in [[Las Vegas]], a video he obtained from a friend who works at the [[Corinthian Casino]]. The reporter then starts to taunt her as she leaves, but Tracy grabs him, [[freezing|freezes]] him, and he falls and shatters into tiny pieces of ice.
===[[Episode:I Am Become Death|I Am Become Death]]===
Jim is reported missing in [[New York Chronicle|a local newspaper]].  [[Tracy]] calls the [[NYPD|police department]] to turn herself in for his death, but is overwhelmed before she can confess and accidentally breaks the phone by [[freezing]] it.
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