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Kaito's henchmen

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Kaito's henchmen
Kaitos henchmen.jpg
Purpose: Follow Kaito Nakamura's orders
First appearance The Fix

Kaito's henchmen are sent by their boss to retrieve Hiro Nakamura.


The Fix

In a parking garage in New York, NY, Hiro and Ando approach their Nissan Versa to begin their mission to get the sword from Mr. Linderman in Las Vegas. Standing by their car is a man with a gun. As they turn to run, they are boxed in by a van, out of which steps another man. After evading the henchmen for a short time, Ando is caught and put in the van, and Hiro turns himself in, hoping (but failing) to secure Ando's release.

In the van, Hiro and Ando talk to the henchmen's leader. The van eventually stops next to a parked sedan. The henchmen's leader opens the van door to present their captives to the "big boss": Hiro's father, Kaito Nakamura.