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| caption = Kali exacts revenge.  
| caption = Kali exacts revenge.  
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Kali exacts revenge.

First reference: Monsters
"Kali" on Wikipedia

Kali is a violent Hindu goddess. Mohinder's grandmother tells a young Mohinder stories of Kali's wrath.


Kali has four arms and hands. Two of these hands hold a sword and a severed head, signifying that in the end she will kill everyone. The other two hands are in blessing, signifying that those who worship her will be saved. Kali wears a garland of 51 heads. She is often depicted naked with Maya as her only covering. Kali is often accompanied by serpents and a jackal while standing on a seemingly dead Shiva, usually right foot forward to symbolize the more popular right-handed path.


Graphic Novel:Monsters

In 1982, Mohinder's grandmother tells Mohinder stories of Kali, her wrath, and her vengence. Terrified by these stories, Mohinder learns from his father about science and empirical knowledge. Years later, as Mohinder attempts to unravel the mysteries that surround his father's death, he thinks of Kali. Mohinder imagines the Hindu goddess exacting revenge upon mankind. Mohinder goes to the Chelsea Cab Company and sees the taxi in which his father was killed. He has a terrible vision of Kali ripping the car in half. When the Chelsea Cab Company boss offers Mohinder a job, he says "I'll do it". He adds in thought, "I'll slay the monster."