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| imdb_id= 0993496
| imdb_id= 0993496
'''Kate Connor''' is the American television and film actor who portrays [[Nurse Jennifer]].
'''Kate Connor''' is the American television and film actor who portrays [[Nurse Jennifer Gibson]].

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Kate Connor
Character Nurse Jennifer
Gender Female
IMDb profile

Kate Connor is the American television and film actor who portrays Nurse Jennifer Gibson.


Kate Connor has appeared often in the role of a nurse or doctor, with recent appearances in Mind of Mencia, Passions, Without a Trace, and Lost. She has also done voice work for the computer game Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends.

Kate also starred in, wrote, and co-directed the made-for-TV film The Areola.

Kate appeared in Inconceivable with Paul Ganus and Kevin Chamberlin, in Passions with Richard Steinmetz, and in Sideliners with Nicole Bilderback.

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