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(→‎Notes: Khufu is the earliest known evolved human)
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* Khufu is the earliest known [[evolved human]].
* Khufu and his [[Khufu's kin|kin]] are the earliest known [[evolved human]]s.

==External Links==
==External Links==

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First appearance History of a Secret
In-story stats
Known ability Levitation
Date of death 2566 BC
Home Giza, Egypt
Occupation Pharaoh
Significant others Meritates,
two unnamed queens
Parents Sneferu (father),
Hetepheres I (mother)
Grandparents Huni (maternal grandfather),
Meresankh I (maternal grandmother)
Children Djedefhor,
Hetepheres II
Grandchild Meresankh III
Other relatives Mr. Aswan (descendant),
Abu Aswan (descendant)

Khufu was a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

Character History

Graphic Novel:History of a Secret

In a dream, Abu Aswan watches his ancient ancestor, Pharaoh Khufu, preside over the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza. When one of Khufu's kin levitates an enormous building brick, Khufu orders that man be stoned. Khufu forbade anyone from revealing the secret ability of his lineage.

Evolved Human Abilities

Khufu had the ability to levitate and move heavy objects. He used this ability to help build the pyramids, though he forbade anyone from making the secret ability public.


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