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{{Character box
| name = Copy Kingdom manager
| sortname = Copy Kingdom manager
| image = Copy_King_manager.jpg
| caption = <!-- Caption for the image. -->
| portrayer = [[Brian Kimmet]]
| nick =
| debut = Four Months Later...
| mention = <!-- Episode character was first mentioned.  Use for characters who have not debuted. -->
| known powers = None
| potential_power(s) = <!-- For characters have an identified but not displayed power -->
| formal name = <!-- Full formal name of the character. -->
| alias = <!-- Pseudonyms and special monikers, not nicknames. -->
| gender = Male
| occupation = Manager of [[Copy Kingdom]]}}
The '''Copy Kingdom manager''' is [[Noah]]'s boss at his new workplace, [[Copy Kingdom]]. He's tough on his employees when they slack, and likes to brag about how dedicated he is to his job.
==Character History==
===[[Episode:Four Months Later...|Four Months Later...]]===
When [[Noah]] arrives late for work, the manager decides to give him a hard time about it. He eventually gets Noah to call him "sir". Later, when Noah is five minutes late from returning from his break, the manager yells at him again even though the shop is virtually empty. Noah grabs his finger, flips him onto his back, and threatens him. The manager agrees to let Noah work how he wants, when he wants.
[[Category:Humans|Copy Kingdom manager]]

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