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Lapd logo.jpg
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: Law enforcement
First appearance Don't Look Back
Known members: Matt Parkman, Tom McHenry, Captain Baldwin, Beat cop, LAPD captain, LAPD detective
Affiliated sites: Matt's precinct
Equipment used: Guns

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is the local agency responsible for the enforcement of law in the city of Los Angeles.


Season One

for an episode-by-episode summary, see LAPD: Season 1 History

FBI Agent Audrey Hanson recruits LAPD officer Matt Parkman to assist in her investigation of Sylar. He helps her to track down and capture Ted Sprague, an evolved human with the power of induced radioactivity and whom Audrey thinks could be Sylar.

Audrey directs a FBI SWAT team to raid Primatech Paper Co. on a hunch from Matt Parkman, but the raid turns up nothing of interest and so she terminates their partnership.

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