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First appearance The Agent
Known leader: Rebel team
Known members: Leona,

LAWR is a group created and led by the Rebel team, and works with the team to fight back against Building 26 and save evolved humans from being hunted down and imprisoned. LAWR's five members (Anna Korolenko, Rachel Mills, Leona Mills a.k.a. "Linda Niles", Valerie, and Victor) work in tandem with at least one other team Rebel has set up as part of an underground railroad for fugitives known as "Ellen".


Heroes Evolutions

Rebel's messages

On February 20, 2009, Rebel's intercept program at Building 26 relayed a mission authorization to pursue a lead on the LAWR to the "fullest extent of our capabilities", and "execute core directives against any objectives or threats identified."

On March 6, 2009, another Building 26 intercept relayed the message that something "suggests subject's ally 'Ellen' may in fact be an organization. Therefore, broad application of PL107-56/18USC2331 may speed counter-efforts against many LAWR-related..."

On March 10, 2009, Rebel e-mailed players of the Heroes Evolutions ARG that the LAWR needed to be warned about what happened to Howie.

The Agent

In chapter 6 of The Agent, Anna encounters Rachel Mills and Jason where at a restaurant. When they begin arguing about Rachel's ability and attracting attention, Anna uses her ability on most of the restaurant except for Rachel and Jason, causing them to become motionless and stare blankly. An eight-year-old girl in the restaurant is also affected more severely, and collapses onto the ground with drool trickling out of her mouth. Jason calls Anna a freak and threatens to harm her if his sister isn't okay, and then Anna calls out for Rachel as Rachel takes the opportunity to shoot Jason dead. After helping Rachel clean up the scene, Anna takes her to an abandoned hunting cabin where they spent the night in separate bunk beds.

The next morning, after helping Rachel through some grief, Anna asks Rachel if she has heard about LAWR. Rachel replies that the government picked up some chatter about it, and the girl explains that she is the A in LAWR and that her name is Anna. The girl adds that she helps Ellen, but can't talk about that part. She then tells Rachel that Rachel has to go back to her organization. Anna says that REBEL told her that they need Rachel there now since things are so dangerous. Anna says it should be safe since Rebel is asking her to do so. Then, Anna says that she has a big test tonight she has to get to and Rachel agrees to leave with her. Before they leave, Anna notes that Jason's sister, Janey, works for a special U.S. Army unit that plays dirty, and that REBEL thinks she might hunt for her brother's killer.

In chapter 7 of The Agent, Rachel recalls that Anna rode in the passenger seat when she drove to Jason's apartment. Anna then sat silently in her seat as Rachel got out Jason's body from the trunk and dropped him off.

Later, Anna meets up with Rachel in an alley near an abandoned office building that is the target of a Building 26 operation. After Rachel tackles Anna to ground, worried that other agents might see her, Anna points out that she already took out at least the two nearest agents, who appear to be asleep or something. Anna then walks with Rachel to the front of the target building and tells Rachel her story to convince Rachel that what Rachel did to Jason was necessary.

Anna teleports with Rachel a couple times inside the building, and end up in the makeshift shelter the fugitives have made out of the plant nursery there. They are introduced to Abe, leader of a group of about twenty people that live there. After he demonstrates his ability to them, Anna tells him that REBEL sent them, and warns that the government is outside. Later, Anna realizes Rachel's plan is to seek out the remote detonator of a bomb placed on the fire escape while the fugitives flee down it, and she tells Rachel it is not really alright with her after detailing it to the group.

In chapter 8 of The Agent, Anna pulls Rachel aside after telling Rachel that planning to go after the detonator is not really alright with her. Anna then says that maybe Rachel was right, that they should just take Abe away and that the others will be released eventually. Next, Rachel notes that agents have seen them, but Anna replies that she has been seen before, and REBEL makes it go away. Rachel then goes off on how Anna is likely thinking that Rachel will let the fugitives get caught, but Anna just responds by throwing her arms around Rachel and telling her to come back to them.

After the three minutes they planned to wait are up, Anna and the other fugitives begin fleeing down the fire escape. They then head towards a truck while ducking gunfire from agents in the building. After Rachel blows up the fire escape, Anna and the other fugitives are able to make it to the truck and help Rachel inside. Later, Anna's cell phone beeps with a message from REBEL that contains a huge list of people needing help and other related information. Anna notes who its from, and takes a long time reading it. Anna then temporarily hands Rachel her the phone, and tells her that Ellen is in trouble. Anna continues that they need to introduce a lot of people to Ellen, and notes that REBEL pointed her to a person at a nearby circus that should be their priority. However, Rachel points out she has something else to do first.

In chapter 9 of The Agent, Anna proceeds on to the circus without Rachel. Upon arriving at the circus, she reflects on Rebel's last text. He wrote that agents are surrounding the place, that Anna needs to find the man in the black hat, and that the man will know what to do. Anna spots a magician doing a card trick, and thinks from his tall hat that he is a mind reader and the person she needs to contact. However, she decides that it would be a good idea not to talk with him about it until he has finished his act, so she heads back outside to watch the elephants.

After the magician's act is done, Anna spots the magician, who is also the circus's ringmaster, as he leaves the tent and introduces herself. She tells him she wants to help him, but he replies that they are not hiring and doesn't look back at her as he continues towards a tent in the back of the lot. Undeterred, Anna continues that their friend sent her, and he wants her to tell him that the men in black are here. However, the man still does not acknowledge her so Anna comments that she knows he can read minds. This does not work either, as he explains that his act was just a trick and asks her to go back out front.

When the magician then turns and walks into the back tent, Anna grits her teeth and follows him inside. She finds the place dark and creepy, with many cages spread around the tent. A mermaid performer that is exiting a water tank and unzipping her costume spots Anna, and calls out to someone named Doug. She yells that there is a kid in the tent. Then, the other circus performers approach Anna and one of them scares her into screaming.

As Anna calms down, she explains to a woman that she is used to these things being real, and not a costume. Next, Anna takes a deep breath and shouts toward the man in the tall hat. She tells him that they have to go, and that the government is surrounding the circus. A silence then falls over the tent, and the ringmaster steps out towards Anna. Anna explains again that she was sent by their friend and they need to leave. She adds that they will be coming for him as soon as all the escapes are cut off. When the ringmaster replies that they will not, Anna asks for a private discussion so she can prove what she is saying to him. However, he responds that he believes her now, but that the government agents are coming for everyone else there, not him.

Anna looks around and witnesses the others use their abilities, then asks for all of them to flee. However, the "thing" Anna screamed at earlier, sits up again now and says they can't do that. Then, it absorbs a chair and transforms itself into a young woman that looks somewhat familiar to Anna. Everyone then looks at Anna.

Some time later, Anna has huddled everyone together in the dark while they wait. She checks her cell phone for the twentieth time, but Rebel has not sent any further instructions. Everyone then freezes around her as they spot lots of people quietly moving around outside. Worried for herself and the others, Anna asks in whisper where Rachel is.

In chapter 10 of The Agent, Anna hides with the other circus staff in a dark cellar underneath the circus. She hears agents searching again and again above them, and their trucks rumbling past. She looks around at the circus staff and checks her watch, noting she still has twenty minutes to go before her next check-in. As per Rebel's instructions, she is holding her cell battery in her hand so that the agents cannot trace them through her phone. Anna has been putting it back in her phone once an hour for a few seconds while she checks in, and Rebel has continued to tell her to hang on.

Linda then begins a conversation with Anna, commenting that Anna must be the Amazing A in LAWR, the name that Howie came up with. Anna asks if she knows about the group, and Linda replies that she is L. Linda continues that Anna has been her delivery girl for months, though it feels like years to her. Anna compares Linda's sad and tired demeanor with L's text messages and notes, and realizes it is really her. Linda then apologizes, saying she knows Anna wanted them all to be superheroes. Anna lies and says she didn't, and asks why Rebel brought them together if it was dangerous for them to really meet and they were only supposed to message each other in case one of them got caught.

Linda responds by introducing Anna to W. According to Linda, the twin, Valerie, and her maybe-brother, maybe-ghost Victor, form the W (V + V together = W). Next, Linda explain that they are together in order to save Ellen. Anna asks what Ellen is, and Linda begins explaining that they are Ellen. Linda starts by noting that Ellen started as just her, LN, and that she used to run a shipping company. She continues that Rebel contacted her, and had knowledge about her past. Rebel asked Linda to hide fugitives in warehouses and trucks across the country. Linda adds that next, Rebel contacted Anna to be the "delivery girl"—a cute blonde that every frightened fugitive would trust. Then, she notes that he found Valerie and asks Valerie to show Rachel her power. Valerie slides across the cellar to Anna and touches Anna's shoulder with one hand. Suddenly, everything shifts and Anna finds herself sitting on the opposite side of the room with one of Victor's hands on her shoulder. Anna jumps away from him, but he doesn't seem offended and just stares at her.

Linda explains that Valerie and Victor can transfer anything up to person-size, that if one of them has it, the other can obtain it. She adds that she has seen them pass a whole family from Pennsylvania to California in thirty seconds and that really beats trucks, but that they get kind of irritable when they are apart for too long. Then, Anna asks if Linda knows about R. Linda replies that that Rebel let Anna meet R after she came over to their side, and that R is their girl on the inside at Building 26. Anna realizes that Linda is talking about Rachel, and comments that Rachel will figure them a way out of their hole. However, Linda responds that Rachel will not be joining them that night, and explains that it's due to a deal that has been made with her.

Anna tells Linda that she is confused why Rachel isn't coming, because they need her help, and Linda explains that they are not the only team Rebel works with. She adds that if Anna eats her Wheaties, she might get to play for the "varsity team" some day.

Anna guesses that Linda has given up hope, and wonders if they are no longer useful to Rebel now that Ellen is exposed. She snaps her battery into her phone, and Rebel texts to hang on and that it isn't clear yet. Anna replies, asking where Rachel is, and he responds that Rachel is in a helicopter. Anna texts back that she is scared and wants to get out, and Rebel replies that there are too many agents and they just need to sit tight a little longer and trust him. Then, Anna hears new voices overhead and pops the battery out of her phone.

Linda asks what Rebel said, and Anna replies that Rebel said they would be okay. Anna adds that Rachel will come, and Linda asks if Rebel said that. Anna answers that he didn't have to, and that he and Rachel will not let them get caught. Next, Linda becomes silent, and Anna notices some changes in her, including that age-lines begin deepening in her face, making her suddenly appear to be middle-aged. Then, Linda tells everyone to get up and says they are getting out of there.

The next morning, and Rachel arrives at the location of the circus Anna was sent to. Behind ambulances and government vans, Rachel sees puddles that are mostly half-dried and many small craters, shaped like bodies. She then passes a zombie, an agent whose eyes wander blankly as he leans against the side of an ambulance, wrapped in a blanket. An EMT is checking that zombie's pupils, but there are many more sitting and moaning. Rachel continues into the area, passing a row of body bags. Some of the corpses look to Rachel like old people, but she thinks that a few hours ago, they were all her own age. Rachel then notes to herself that a war happened there, and wonders what went wrong.

Ahead of her, Rachel spots a bunch of grim-faced agents huddled around something and talking loudly. She guesses they are questioning the prisoner Rebel told her about. Rachel then lowers her cap over her face and proceeds to get closer. When she hears the agents beating the person up, Rachel begins walking faster, and pushes her way through other men and woman in SWAT gear and suits. When she is close enough, she sees the knee, shoe, and face of a young man. Rachel notices that is face is blank similar to one of Anna's zombies, but doesn't think Anna would hurt a friend.

One of the agents comments that the man must be a kind of idiot, but another replies that he has to know something. The second agent notes that he was in the hole with the others, and gives instructions to give the prisoner a pencil so he can draw something. Rachel then turns to look for the hole the second agent mentioned, and the prisoner shouts out the name Linda. She glances over her shoulder back at the young man, and sees that he is staring at her. He asks for help, and the crowd of agents turn to follow his gaze. Rachel responds by saying "well, hell" and winds up face to face with Janey Pierce, the woman who turned her in to Danko. Janey fires a taser at Rachel's chest. Rachel tries to teleport out of the way, but it's too late.

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