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Lashkari defeat Mongolians.jpg
Mongolian forces are defeated by the Lashkari.
Location: Sindh province, Pakistan
Purpose: To defend the Sindhi people from outside invaders
First mentioned: Godsend, Part 1

The Lashkari were a small tribe of warriors in ancient Pakistan who defended the people of the Sindh province from outside invaders.


Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 1

In 1998, Farah Nazan, a descendant of the Lashkari, is sent to live with her uncle in Pakistan. Omar trains Farah to fight, though she does not understand why. Eventually, Omar tells Farah about her heritage and the crusades of the Lashkari. The Lashkari were a small tribe of warriors, first formed over a thousand years ago, that defended the Sindhi people of Pakistan from outside invaders. According to Omar, the Lashkari fought in the dead of night, and were capable of defeating entire armies without ever being seen or heard. This legend grew from their battles against the Mongols, the Caliphate, and the British. Omar tells Farah that the techniques of the Lashkari have since been lost, but their gifts live on inside some of their descendants, and so it is his duty to train her how to use her gift if she has it.

Graphic Novel:Godsend, Part 2

In 2002, while "defending the defenseless", Farah Nazan says that she has become Lashkari, which she says feels wonderful.


  • The Lashkari people did not exist in reality. Instead, they are a completely fictional tribe, created for Godsend.

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