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Lauren Gilmore

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Lauren Gilmore
Lauren Gilmore.jpg
Portrayed by Elisabeth Röhm
First appearance Once Upon a Time in Texas
In-story stats
Known ability None
Nickname Iron Maiden
Home Washington, D.C.
Residences 1438 N. Gower Circle #13, Washington, D.C. 20007
Occupations CIA operative,
former Company agent
Significant other formerly Noah Bennet
Parent Unnamed mother
Sibling Unnamed sister
Other relatives Unnamed nephew

Lauren Gilmore was Noah Bennet's partner in The Company three years ago. She had romantic feelings for Noah but sacrificed her emotions in order to keep their relationship professional. After the fall of the Company, she began working with the CIA. When Noah re-established contact with Lauren, she began to help him with his mission to bring down Samuel Sullivan and has since began a relationship with him, having regained the feelings she once surrendered.

Character History

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Three years ago, Lauren enters the Burnt Toast Diner and sits with Noah Bennet. She apologizes for being late and blames it on the traffic. Lauren notices that Noah has been talking to Sandra as he is making the face he makes when he lies. Noah expresses his desire to tell Sandra the truth about what he does and Lauren empathizes, stating that she also wishes she could tell her family the truth. She uses her sister and nephew as an example. Lauren then wonders if Noah realizes that they are flirting. She observes that Noah would never make the first move so she is taking initiative and hands him a motel room key. However, Lauren realizes that Noah isn't interested and watches as receives a phone call related to the Sylar paintings. Lauren tells him that she will meet him at the office.

In the paper company, Lauren eavesdrops on Noah's conversation with Isaac Mendez. Lauren admits she had no idea that Sylar was after Claire and promises Noah that they will get him. Lauren also kisses Noah and apologizes for being an ass. When Lauren offers Noah to forget about the kiss, he admits to her that he doesn't want to. Lauren returns to her hotel room and is surprised to see Noah turn up. The two drink and Noah tells Lauren that he cannot be with her. Lauren tells him not to blame the job but Noah states that he loves his family. Despite this, Lauren still agrees to help Noah deal with Sylar and help protect Claire.

Lauren and Noah meet for breakfast.

Later, Lauren approaches Noah in the company cafeteria and hands him a note. Noah asks if they are pretending their "thing" didn't happen and Lauren is confused. Noah reads the letter and discovers that Lauren had her memory wiped by The Haitian in order to maintain a professional relationship. Lauren then asks if everything is okay and Noah says it is.


Noah runs into Lauren at the grocery store and she informs him that she is working for the CIA. She asks him what he is doing but he avoids the question, which makes her interested. She asks him if he is stalking her and Noah explains that he and Sandra have separated and that he is preparing Thanksgiving. Lauren understands and says that his turkey needs to be already cooked because it will not thaw out in time. She offers to help him and Noah asks if she would like to have dinner, to catch up. Lauren accepts.

At Noah's apartment, Lauren introduces herself to Sandra, who mistakes her for a cook. Lauren explains that she is a guest and Sandra assumes that she is Noah's date, which Noah denies. When the meal starts, Noah proposes a toast to Lauren for all her help and she smiles in gratitude. Doug tells everyone how he and Sandra met and Sandra wonders how Noah and Lauren met. Noah explains that they worked together in Primatech and Sandra asks which company, the Paper Company or the "other one". Lauren is genuinely surprised that Sandra knows about "the other one" and hastily says that she and Noah were just friends. When everyone says what they are grateful for, Lauren says that she is grateful for canned yams.

Claire soon cuts her arm and Doug faints from the shock. While Noah speaks to Claire in the other room, Lauren tries to make small talk with Sandra and insists that the Thanksgiving was an attempt to show Claire that her family loves her. As the night comes to an end, Noah suggests that they should meet up for Christmas but Lauren says that it should be a movie and gives him her number. She then leaves.

The Fifth Stage

Lauren goes to see Noah for their movie date and Noah admits that it has been a while since he has been in the dating game. Lauren sees the clippings that Noah has cut out and Noah tells her about the trouble he has had adjusting. When Noah realizes that Claire has taken the compass, Lauren offers to use her CIA contacts to track her down and find her. Noah thanks her.

The two of them work on a laptop and Lauren triangulates Claire's location. Noah begins to unload some problems and admits to Lauren that he has driven everyone away, including her. Lauren wonders what he means and Noah explains that the two of them had a fling a few years ago but she had her memories erased in order to keep their relationship professional. Lauren wonders if Noah was hoping that he could start the relationship again but before he can answer, a man named Eli knocks on the door. He and his clones barge in and Noah and Lauren flee to the bathroom, where they both load their guns. Noah gives Lauren some pointers on how to kill the clones and the two of them leave the bathroom, only to discover that Eli and the clones have disappeared.

Let It Bleed

Lauren goes to the sushi restaurant and greets Mr. Nozawa. Mr. Nozawa recognizes Lauren and identifies her as the "Iron Maiden". Nozawa then leaves and Lauren wonders why Noah is not at Nathan's wake. Noah tells her that Claire did not want him there. Lauren gives Noah the Truth Serum that he requested and wonders why they are using the freezer. Noah tells her that the freezer is chilling Edgar's muscles, thus hindering his power. Lauren then watches as Noah administers the serum.

Lauren watches the "interrogation" and becomes concerned when she notices that Noah is getting too emotional. As Noah is about to cut Edgar with one of his knives, Lauren leaves the freezer with Noah and tells him to stop what he is doing. She says that the torture is not working and tells him that he must try a different approach, such as simply talking to Edgar. Lauren then continues to watch as Noah talks to Edgar. When the speedster begins to cooperate, Lauren takes him up to Noah's apartment. Edgar provides information about the carnival, but when neither Lauren or Noah can assure his family's safety, Edgar flees from them. Noah blames himself for what has happened but Lauren reassures him that they both did the right thing. When Noah begins to worry about Claire's trust, Lauren tells him that burnt bridges can be rebuilt.

Lauren and Noah kiss.

Close to You

Lauren is helping Noah go over all his clippings on Samuel and the compass. She warns him that he is beginning to sound obsessed and suggests that they simply call Claire and ask to use her compass. Noah yells at her, which makes her angry. Noah tries to apologize to her but Lauren will not hear it. She finds some security footage of Vanessa Wheeler, a girl who grew up in the house that Samuel destroyed. When Noah calls Vanessa, Lauren leaves and wishes him luck.

When Noah returns from his trip to California, Lauren sees that his light is on and goes up to visit him. She asks him how everything went and Noah says that things didn't go the way he had hoped they would. He asks Lauren to forgive him and she warns him not to snap at her again. The two then share a kiss until they are interrupted by Hiro Nakamura, Ando Masahashi and Mohinder Suresh, who teleport into the apartment.

The Art of Deception

Claire goes to see Noah, but Lauren opens the door and lets her in. She explains that Noah went out for a few minutes and begins making small talk with Claire. Claire notices the maps of the carnival and demands to know what is going on. Lauren is hesitant to say anything but Claire tells her to tell his father to let the entire thing go. Lauren brings up some satellite footage of the landslide that Samuel made and informs Claire that Samuel's power is amplified by the amount of other specials he keeps around. Claire says that "they" can handle it and leaves. Noah soon returns and learns about what has happened. He says that Lauren should have stopped Claire, but Lauren points out that there was nothing she could do. She admits that she cannot stop worrying about Noah, and he smiles.

Lauren and Noah want Samuel to surrender.

Later, Lauren and Noah watch the carnival from a nearby hill. When Noah is about to shoot Samuel, Lauren stops him because Claire comes into view. After a phone call with Claire, Noah agrees to a new plan. Lauren doesn't trust Samuel and says that she will walk him out and Noah can shoot him if it goes wrong. As Lauren is walking down the hill, gunshots fire and she is forced to duck for cover. She hides in the bushes and is shot. While she is hiding, she hears footsteps and sees Eli dragging an unconscious Noah back to the carnival. She tries to shoot Eli but cannot manage to hold the gun up due to her wound.

Later, Lauren calls someone for help. She says that Noah told her to call if something went wrong, and the person on the other end is revealed to be Tracy Strauss.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Lauren calls Tracy because Noah told her to call Tracy if something went wrong.

The Wall

Lauren manages to sneak into the carnival undetected and finds the medical tent. She steals some supplies to treat her bullet wound but is discovered by Emma. Rather than expose her, Emma treats Lauren's wounds and listens to her story. Lauren insists that Samuel arranged for Eli to shoot everybody, but Emma refuses to believe her. Lauren hears Samuel coming and hides, asking Emma not to tell him. Emma does tell Samuel, and leaves. Lauren, now alone with the deranged carnival leader, bravely faces him head on. Samuel however, insists that he only wants to talk.

Lauren tries to get Samuel to come with her peacefully in exchange for his family's safety but Samuel tells her that he and his family are finally strong enough to take what is rightfully theirs. He realizes that Lauren is trying to pull him away from his family so that he will be weak and Lauren does not admit it. He talks about changing the world and Lauren wonders what the world ever did to Samuel. He angrily tells her that the world and the people in it should have been kinder to him. Lauren asks that he not change it but Eli enters the tent and tells them that Claire has escaped. Samuel gives Eli instructions and finishes with telling him to dispose of Lauren. Later however, Eli reports that Lauren managed to escape him.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 2

Tracy arrives at a field and spots Lauren, who is looking away from her using binoculars. When Lauren turns around to see Tracy approach her, Lauren asks aloud where Noah is.

Brave New World

As Noah and Claire are buried underground and screaming for help, Lauren wanders around above them, wondering where they are and where the carnival disappeared to. Later, after Tracy saves Noah and Claire, Lauren helps Noah get out of the water. She says she called Tracy to help them, and that the Carnival moved to Central Park. The helicopter, which Lauren has called, arrives as they speak and takes them to New York.

After Samuel's grand failure, Lauren calls the cops to imprison Samuel, and tells the media that there was a gas explosion with lots of special effects. When Claire starts climbing the Ferris wheel, Lauren comes over to Noah and asks him what she's doing. Noah answers she's breaking his heart. Lauren and Noah watch as Claire jumps off the Ferris wheel and reveals her power to the world.

Heroes Evolutions


In chapter 2 of Purpose, John Mulligan calls Lauren, his former partner at Primatech. He asks for her help with taking down the carnival.

In chapter 3 of Purpose, Lauren speaks with John on the phone and wonders how he found the carnival. He says that he was teleported there and Lauren asks what Samuel wanted with him. John tells her that Samuel tried to recruit him and Lauren explains that she and Noah have been trying to find Samuel for weeks. John teasingly makes fun of Lauren's relationship with Noah, so she gives him an icy silence that forces him to move along. She tells John that they are going to raid the carnival and learns that her former partner has a crush on a carny. Lauren asks John to come up to Washington and John agrees.

In chapter 4 of Purpose, John returns Lauren's call and she angrily demands to know where he has been. She says that things have gone wrong at the carnival and that she has been shot. John explains that he was contacted by The Watcher, and Lauren is concerned that he is working with "The Bard". She asks him to get to her, and when he does, he helps her with her gunshot wound. He says that it is not deep and she tells him to go help Noah.

In chapter 5 of Purpose, John remembers his time in the Company with Lauren at his side. He notes that they were always three steps ahead of everyone else and gets The Watcher to use an aspect of his ability to find her. They find her tied to an operating table in the medical tent, with three Elis surrounding her. John fails to attack the real Eli but with the help of the Watcher, Lauren is freed. Angry, Lauren demands to know what "Henry" is doing there. Lauren and John quickly try to leave to stop Samuel, but the two of them are held in place by The Watcher. Lauren tells the Watcher that he is a sick man and John manages to knock him out. Lauren wonders what they should do with him but John tells her to go find Noah while he deals with him.

In chapter 6 of Purpose, Lauren calls John and tells him to organize a chopper. He arrives at the carnival's former location and finds Lauren waiting with Noah and Claire. After Noah gets into the chopper, he helps Lauren in. While they fly back to New York, Noah and Lauren sit, hand in hand, and come up with some plans. When the chopper finally lands in Central Park, Lauren stays behind with John and the two of them go through their end game. Lauren asks John to go back and rupture a gas line, which John does. She then allows John to go and find his friends while she deals with the people.

After Samuel is stopped, Lauren has John escort him to his prison. She then tells the reporters about the gas line.

Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

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Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, the Heroes Reborn app was released with a video summary of Lauren's history. The summary included:

Memorable Quotes

"Sorry I'm late, the traffic actually was a bitch."

- Lauren (to Noah) (Once Upon a Time in Texas)

"Homecoming, hooray!"

- Lauren (Once Upon a Time in Texas)

"I'm thankful for canned yams."

- Lauren (Thanksgiving)

"The enemy of our enemy is usually still our enemy."

- Lauren (to John about The Watcher) (Purpose)


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