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(New page: {{disambig}} '''Light''' could refer to: * '''Luminescence''', the ability to emit light. * The '''Catalyst''', also referred to as the light.)
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'''Light''' could refer to:
'''Light''' could refer to:
* The '''[[catalyst]]''', also referred to as "the light".
* '''''[[Dying of the Light]]''''', the sixth episode of the [[third season]].
* '''[[Electric manipulation]]''', also referred to as '''lightning''', [[Elle]]'s [[ability]] to create electrical arcs.
* '''[[Laser emission]]''', the ability to emit an amplified form of light.
* '''[[Light absorption]]''', the ability to absorb light.
* '''[[Luminescence]]''', the ability to emit light.
* '''[[Luminescence]]''', the ability to emit light.
* The '''[[Catalyst]]''', also referred to as the light.
* '''''[[Petrified Lightning]]''''', a [[graphic novel]] in which [[Caitlin]] tells [[Peter]] the story of [[Cúchulainn]].
* '''[[Umbrakinesis]]''', the ability to steal and manipulate light.
==See Also==
* [[Dark (disambig)|Dark]] {{--}} a list of darks
* [[Thunder (disambig)|Thunder]] {{--}} a list of thunders

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Light could refer to:

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