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Liliane's home

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Liliane's home
Location: Costa Verde, CA

Rachel Mills interrogates Liliane in her home in Costa Verde, CA.

Notable Residents

  • Liliane
  • Liliane's brother
  • Liliane's father
  • Liliane's mother

Notable Visitors


Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel Mills gets Liliane's address from a group of surfers. Rachel's partner, Jason, then drives them to Liliane's home. Upon arriving outside Liliane's house, Rachel gets Jason to watch the back of the house. Rachel then walks past up the front lawn, which she notices contains some toys. After knocking on the door, Rachel overhears Liliane's mother ask Liliane what she has done now. Liliane's father answers the door. Liliane then tells her father it is okay for her to talk with Rachel, and he leaves Rachel and Liliane alone in the front room.

While Rachel questions Liliane, she notices a scrolling text bar appear across the bottom of a big-screen TV in the living room. She sees that the scrolling text is showing her name in caps, but ignores it. The TV continues playing a children's movie that Liliane's brother is watching, but the message gets faster and faster and he calls out for his mother. A little while later, the mother enters the living room and is shocked by the message. Rachel leaves the house before the family starts asking her questions about it, then joins Jason in the car and he drives them away.

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