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First appearance The Swimmer
In-story stats
Known ability None
Home Costa Verde, CA
Residence Liliane's home
Parents Unnamed father,
unnamed mother
Sibling Unnamed brother

Liliane is one of Alex Woolsly's surfing companions.

Character History

Graphic Novel:The Swimmer

She carries a green bag for Alex as he arrives to a Costa Verde beach. After Alex rescues a man who gets hurt surfing with him, she rushes toward where he is helping the man onto the beach and tells Alex that was unbelievable.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel Mills learns from a group of Alex's friends that both Alex and his friend, Liliane, have not been seen around the beach either. Rachel then gets Liliane's home address from them, and proceed there. Rachel finds Liliane inside her home, a short, cute girl with beach-blonde hair and blue eyes. Liliane tells her father that it is okay for her to speak with Rachel alone, and he leaves them in the front room after she answers him that she doesn't know what it is about.

Liliane whispers to Rachel that she can't believe Rachel came to her home, and continues talking with Rachel. Rachel learns Liliane is a government informant, and had a drug charge or something from a party at her community college. Danko's men had called and given her a way out in exchange for her help. They told her Alex was taking some special steroids or something, and she was supposed to report if she noticed him do anything weird. She had called in some tips right before he had disappeared, and now she is afraid to leave the house.

Next, Liliane asks Rachel if she knows about "the girl", and explains that one of her friends at the comics store said a girl came in before Alex ran off. Rachel notes that he didn't tell her people about any girl, and Liliane replies that her buddies had scared him so he didn't mention it. Liliane adds that he didn't know her name, and just saw some blond hair. She then comments that Alex is out there now, and will sue the government if he comes after her. Rachel replies that sounds like a plan, says goodbye, and leaves.

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