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{{AppearancesThe Wall}}
{{AppearancesThe Wall}}
{{AppearancesBrave New World}}
{{AppearancesBrave New World}}
The following is a list of recurring characters on the show, including every character to have appeared in three episodes or more.
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'''70 appearances or more'''
*[[Claire Bennet]] (72 appearances)
*[[Noah Bennet]] (72 appearances)
'''60-69 appearances'''
*[[Peter Petrelli]] (67 appearances)
*[[Hiro Nakamura]] (65 appearances)
*[[Ando Masahashi]] (61 appearances)
*[[Sylar]] (61 appearances)
'''50-59 appearances'''
*[[Matt Parkman]] (56 appearances)
*[[Nathan Petrelli]] (55 appearances)
*[[Mohinder Suresh]] (55 appearances)
*[[Angela Petrelli]] (50 appearances)
<!--'''40-49 appearances'''
'''30-39 appearances'''
*[[Sandra Bennet]] (38 appearances)
'''20-29 appearances'''
*[[René]] (28 appearances)
*[[Micah Sanders]] (28 appearances)
*[[Niki Sanders]] (27 appearances)
*[[Tracy Strauss]] (24 appearances)
*[[Mr. Muggles]] (22 appearances)
'''15-19 appearances'''
*[[Lyle Bennet]] (18 appearances)
*[[Janice Parkman]] (18 appearances)
*[[Samuel Sullivan]] (18 appearances)
*[[D.L. Hawkins]] (16 appearances)
*[[Isaac Mendez]] (16 appearances)
*[[Maya Herrera]] (15 appearances)
*[[Lydia]] (15 appearances)
*[[Daphne Millbrook]] (15 appearances)
*[[Adam Monroe]] (15 appearances)
*[[Molly Walker]] (15 appearances)
'''10-14 appearances'''
*[[Elle Bishop]] (14 appearances)
*[[Eric Doyle]] (14 appearances)
*[[Kaito Nakamura]] (13 appearances)
*[[Bob Bishop]] (12 appearances)
*[[Emile Danko]] (12 appearances)
*[[Simone Deveaux]] (12 appearances)
*[[Emma Coolidge]]  (11 appearances)
*[[Evan Davis]]      (11 appearances)
*[[Flint Gordon, Jr.]] (11 appearances)
*[[Zach]] (11 appearances)
*[[Gretchen Berg]]  (10 appearances)
*[[Meredith Gordon]] (10 appearances)
*[[Daniel Linderman]] (10 appearances)
*[[Arthur Petrelli]] (10 appearances)
*[[Usutu]] (10 appearances)
'''9 appearances'''
*[[Eden McCain]]
*[[Matt Parkman, Jr.]]
*[[Heidi Petrelli]]
*[[West Rosen]]
*[[Ted Sprague]]
*[[Benjamin "Knox" Washington]]
'''8 appearances'''
*[[Charlie Andrews]]
*[[Lauren Gilmore]]
*[[Jackie Wilcox]]
'''7 appearances'''
*[[Audrey Hanson]]
*[[Alejandro Herrera]]
*[[Kimiko Nakamura]]
*[[Monty Petrelli]]
*[[Simon Petrelli]]
*[[Reginald Stanley]]
*[[Eric Thompson, Sr.]]
*[[Candice Willmer]]
'''6 appearances'''
*[[Chris Bowman]]
*[[Monica Dawson]]
*[[Virginia Gray]]
*[[Maury Parkman]]
*[[Chandra Suresh]]
*[[SWAT agent]]
'''5 appearances'''
*[[Nana Dawson]]
*[[Brody Mitchum]]
*[[Peter Petrelli (exposed future)|Future Peter]]
*[[Psychic carny]]
*[[Claude Rains]]
*[[Amanda Strazzulla]]
'''4 appearances'''
*[[Campaign manager]]
*[[Sheriff Davidson]]
*[[Charles Deveaux]]
*[[Detective Fuller]]
*[[Nurse Hammer]]
*[[Hiro Nakamura (explosion future)|Future Hiro]]
*[[Dr. Livitz]]
*[[Rachel Mills]]
*[[Mohinder the lizard]]
*[[Psychic carny]]
*[[Mark Spatney]]
'''3 appearances'''
*[[Gail Bowman]]
*[[Jennie Bowman]]
*[[Luke Campbell]]
*[[Brian Davis]]
*[[Damon Dawson]]
*[[Female carny]]
*[[Martin Gray]]
*[[Samson Gray]]
*[[Kent Harper]]
*[[Linderman's guard]]
*[[Robert Malden]]
*[[Aron Malsky]]
*[[Debbie Marshall]]
*[[James Martin]]
*[[Ian Michaels]]
*[[Jesse Murphy]]
*[[Danny Pine]]
*[[Baron Samedi]]
*[[Joseph Sullivan]]
*[[Becky Taylor]]
*[[Elisa Thayer]]
*[[Mr. Zern]]
*[[Jonas Zimmerman]]
*[[Tiger pants carny]]

* [[Noah]] and [[Claire]] are the characters with the most appearances, followed by [[Hiro]] and [[Peter]]. [[Jack Coleman]] ([[Noah]]) and [[Hayden Panettiere]] ([[Claire]]) are the cast members with the most visual appearances. [[Sendhil Ramamurthy]] ([[Mohinder]]) has more ''credited'' appearances than any other character, due to his narration in some of the episodes in which he does not appear on-screen.
* [[Ashley Crow]] is the most frequently appearing guest star, and her character, [[Sandra Bennet]], is, outside the main characters, the character with the most appearances.
* [[Jack Coleman]],  [[James Kyson Lee]], [[Zachary Quinto]], [[David Anders]], [[Robert Knepper]] and [[Cristine Rose]] all made appearances as guest stars before being promoted to main characters.
* [[Claire]] and [[Samuel]] were the only characters to appear in every episode of [[Season Four]].
* [[Claire]] and [[Samuel]] were the only characters to appear in every episode of [[Season Four]].

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[[Category: Lists]]

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The following is a list of appearances by each character, sorted by Season Four episode and order of appearance. First appearances on Heroes are noted in bold. Episode counts are in parentheses.

Volume Five: Redemption

Orientation / Jump, Push, Fall



Hysterical Blindness

Tabula Rasa

Strange Attractors

Once Upon a Time in Texas


Brother's Keeper


The Fifth Stage

Upon This Rock

Let It Bleed

Close to You


The Art of Deception

The Wall

Brave New World


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