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*[[Reginald Stanley]]
*[[Reginald Stanley]]
*[[Eric Thompson, Sr.]]
*[[Eric Thompson, Sr.]]
*[[Candice Willmer]]
*[[Candice Willmer]]
'''6 appearances'''
'''6 appearances'''
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*[[SWAT agent]]
*[[SWAT agent]]
'''5 appearances'''
'''5 appearances'''

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The following is a list of appearances by each character, sorted by Season Four episode and order of appearance. First appearances on Heroes are noted in bold. Episode counts are in parentheses.

Volume Five: Redemption

Orientation / Jump, Push, Fall



Hysterical Blindness

Tabula Rasa

Strange Attractors

Once Upon a Time in Texas


Brother's Keeper


The Fifth Stage

Upon This Rock

Let It Bleed

Close to You


The Art of Deception

The Wall

Brave New World

Tally by the end of Season Four

The following is a list of recurring characters on the show by the end of the fourth season, including every character to have appeared in three episodes or more. For a total tally up to the current episode, see here.

70 appearances or more

60-69 appearances

50-59 appearances

30-39 appearances

20-29 appearances

15-19 appearances

10-14 appearances

9 appearances

8 appearances

7 appearances

6 appearances

5 appearances

4 appearances

3 appearances


Character Appearance Lists edit

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