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|[[Quentin Frady]] ||
|[[Quentin Frady]] ||
*Either [[Luke]] or [[Joanne]] shoots Quentin in the arm to steal [[Noah]]'s car (''[[Episode:Odessa|Odessa]]''), but Noah takes him to a [[St. Jude of Galilee Hospital|hospital]], where his injury is treated. (''[[Under the Mask]]'')
*Either [[Luke]] or [[Joanne]] shoots Quentin in the arm to steal [[Noah]]'s car (''[[Episode:Odessa|Odessa]]''), but Noah takes him to a [[St. Jude's Hospital|hospital]], where his injury is treated. (''[[Under the Mask]]'')
|[[Lauren Gilmore]] ||
|[[Lauren Gilmore]] ||

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Many characters have been shot or shot at, often fatally. However, some survive. The following characters have survived shootings. This does not include instances where a bullet was fired and missed the character unless there was an extraordinary reason why it missed.

List of Survived Shootings

Name Occasion and method of survival
Noah Bennet
Claire Bennet
Elle Bishop
Emile Danko
  • Peter shoots Danko in the arm, which was not fatal. (Cold Wars)
Quentin Frady
Lauren Gilmore
Flint Gordon, Jr.
D.L. Hawkins
  • Jessica shoots D.L. in the shoulder, which is nonfatal. She immediately tries shooting him in the head, but he uses his power so the bullet phases through him. (Fallout)
  • Linderman shoots at Niki, but D.L. intercepts the bullet. This wound was nonfatal and surgically repaired. (Landslide, Four Months Ago...)
  • Niki hallucinates Bob shooting D.L. (Out of Time)
Maya Herrera
  • Sylar shoots Maya, but Mohinder injects her with Claire's blood. (Powerless)
Ando Masahashi
  • Hope shoots at Ando, but Hiro concentrates with his power and is able to reverse time on the bullet, causing it to go back into the gun. (Unexpected)
Daphne Millbrook
Adam Monroe
  • Japanese archers shoot Takezo Kensei with three arrows. Hiro pulls the arrows out and the wounds regenerate. (Four Months Later...)
Hiro Nakamura
  • Japanese archers shoot several arrows towards Hiro. Hiro stops time before they hit and moves out of the way. (Four Months Later...)
Matt Parkman
Arthur Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli
Peter Petrelli
Claude Rains
  • Claude is shot by Bennet twice and turns invisible, with Bennet shooting again. It is unknown how he survived. (Company Man)
Niki Sanders
  • Linderman shoots at Niki, but D.L. intercepts the bullet.(Landslide)
Ted Sprague
Tracy Strauss
  • Emile Danko shoots Tracy (who had become a frozen statue) shattering her into pieces that fell down a drain. Tracy later reformed from a liquid state. (Cold Snap, An Invisible Thread)
  • Eli and his clones shoot Tracy in more than one occasion. She survives by letting the bullets pass through her by changing into water.
Samuel Sullivan

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