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Lowdell Station

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Lowdell Station
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Purpose: LAPD police department

Lowdell Station is the LAPD precinct where James Dearing worked.

Notable Locations

  • Reception
  • Car park

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Under the Mask

Carlos waits outside Lowdell Station for James Dearing to appear. Dearing leaves the station, gets in his car, and drives away. Carlos follows him.

The Lion's Den

Following the disappearance of Jose and Father Mauricio, Carlos goes to Lowdell Station and demands to see James Dearing. When Officer Berkley asks him why he wants Dearing, Carlos accuses Dearing of kidnapping Jose and Mauricio. Berkley tells Carlos to wait at the reception area and then goes to tell Dearing about Carlos. Dearing tells Berkley that he will be down to talk to Carlos in a moment. Dearing gets up to meet Carlos, but stops in his tracks when detectives Evans and Murphy tell him that their new evo-detecting E.P.I.C glasses have arrived. When they put on the glasses, they see that Dearing is an evo, so Dearing defends himself by punching Evans in the chest. However, Murphy shoots him with a tranquilizer gun and restrains him. Murphy and Evans drag Dearing away.

After changing into the upgraded El Vengador suit, Carlos arrives at the car park of Lowdell Station to rescue Dearing. He stalls Evans's police van by throwing flares in front of it, then punches through the window to knock him unconscious. Murphy gets out and tries to escape but is punched away by El Vengador. El Vengador rips the doors off the back of the van, grabs Dearing, and tells him that if he does not take him to where Jose and Mauricio is, he will leave him there to be taken away by the police. Dearing agrees to help El Vengador, so El Vengador stuffs him in the boot of his car and drives away.

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