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==Character History==
==Character History==

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This article archives the history of Lyle Bennet during Season One.

For more about Lyle Bennet, see the main article.

For Lyle Bennet's Season Two history, see here.

For Lyle Bennet's Season Three history, see here.

Character History


Lyle sits at the table eating with Claire and his mother, and remarks that he and a friend named Doug saw what appeared to be a dead homeless Mexican man on the street, but that he turned out to be alive. He also sarcastically comments on Mr. Muggles humping his leg and that he isn't looking forward to his father seeing his report card.

When Claire tells him that she had walked through fire and was not burned, he responds with hostility, saying "God, you're so crazy sometimes."


After Claire has a conversation with their father, Lyle sees Claire in a distraught state and informs her that their mother wants him to tell Claire that the waffles are ready. Claire responds tearfully that she'll be there in a minute, and Lyle stares at her concernedly until he leaves.

Nothing to Hide

While Lyle takes a piece of pizza in the Bennet kitchen he discovers the videotape that Zach had brought back to Claire. Claire later catches Lyle watching it and attempts to convince him that it was just special effects. Lyle does not believe her, staples her hand, and watches in horror as her healing powers manifest. He locks himself into the Bennet SUV and threatens to upload the videotape to YouTube and "make a million dollars". He calls his sister a "freak" and an "alien" and threatens to tell their parents about her. After a heartfelt plea from his sister he gives the tape back to her and gets out of the car. His sister gives him a hug but he, still in shock, does not hug her back.


After Claire explains her power to her father and tells him that Zach and Lyle are both aware of her gift, Mr. Bennet leaves, saying that he needs to pick Lyle up from soccer practice. When Claire speaks with Lyle later, she tells him that now their father knows about her ability. Lyle is confused by this, having no idea what she is talking about. Claire says that she can not be injured, so Lyle punches her in the arm. When she asks if their father had spoken with him when he went to pick him up from practice, he says he hasn't seen him. She then asks how he got home, which he also cannot remember.


Sandra says that Lyle is at a Tae Kwon Do sleepover.


Lyle tells Claire, who is looking for their father, that he is off on one of his business trips. Claire asks her mom if she remembers Lyle; Lyle teases Claire because he thinks her question is silly. Later, Lyle visits his mom at the hospital. Mr. Bennet tells Claire and Lyle that she'll be okay. Claire remarks that it's no thanks to him, and Lyle tells Claire to "shut up". When the Bennets return home, Lyle helps his mom upstairs. When Ted appears, Mr. Bennet tells Lyle to take her mother and get out of the house immediately; he is stopped by Matt.

Company Man

Lyle and his family come home and are taken hostage by Ted Sprague and Matt Parkman. Lyle witnesses Matt's apparently fatal shooting of Claire, and when Mr. Bennet and Matt remove her body to her upstairs bedroom, Lyle attempts to assault Ted with a baseball bat. Lyle is overpowered and he and his mother are tied together with duct tape. A regenerated Claire sneaks into the living room to free them, and Lyle slips safely outside while Claire and Mrs. Bennet are detained by Ted. While outside, Lyle holds Mr. Muggles and calls the police. He is soon reunited with his family, and watches as his house explodes and Claire emerges from the fiery wreckage.


As his parents talk, Lyle watches Pay-Per-View in the other room of their hotel suite.

Graphic Novel:Family Man

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet hold Lyle as their house burns down. He watches his sister regenerate.

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