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'''M.F. Harris''' was an agent working for [[Renautas]].
'''M.F. Harris''' was an agent working for [[Renautas]] with the power to [[cloning|clone himself]]. He was the true bomber of the [[Odessa Unity Summit]] and was later killed by the [[Miko Otomo]] construct.
==Character History==
==Character History==

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M. F. Harris
Portrayed by Clé Bennett
First appearance Dark Matters, Part 3
In-story stats
Known ability Cloning
Alias Harris Prime
Date of death 2015
Occupation Renautas agent

M.F. Harris was an agent working for Renautas with the power to clone himself. He was the true bomber of the Odessa Unity Summit and was later killed by the Miko Otomo construct.

Character History

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 3

Harris overhears Quentin arguing with the Globus Bio Solutions recruiter about her rejecting Phoebe's application because she is an evo. He introduces himself to Phoebe afterwards, and tells her that she could apply for a job at Renautas instead, since they welcome the hiring of evolved humans into their business. He gives her a business card and watches her leave with her brother, who is suspicious of Harris.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

When Quentin asks Aly where Phoebe went, she shows him Harris's business card. Quentin recognizes it and says "Oh no... this guy".

Later, when they go searching for Phoebe at a Tru Value gas station, Quentin sees a news report on a TV that shows Harris with Phoebe at the June 13 summit.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin has Harris's Renautas business card on the board he has made.

Later, as he enters Renautas Headquarters, Quentin looks at Harris's business card again.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

Harris and his team storms the Olympic Coin Laundry and Harris tries to take down Quentin. Harris thanks Quentin for bringing Renautas to Hero Truther's hideout. Immediately after saying this, a goateed invisible man knocks out Harris with a fire extinguisher.


A photo of Harris is on Oscar Gutierrez's string map with a note that says "Who is he?"

Under the Mask

Harris (Prime) enters as a security supervisor at the Yamagato Tower who defeats Miko after she takes down the security guards in the main lobby. He relieves Miko of the Kensei sword and delivers it to Erica, who orders him to find out more. Prime attempts to interrogate Miko about her father's disappearance and her acquisition of the sword, but is interrupted by Ren. Distracted by Ren, Harris' left forearm is cut off with a meat cleaver. His stub regrows into a functional arm, and his severed limb grows into a whole Harris clone, who good-naturedly returns Prime's watch. Harris travels to Midian with Erica, where they pick-up Molly Walker and set her up for E.P.I.C and the Renautas keynote address. During the E.P.I.C announcement, a Harris clone is dispatched to the Arctic Circle to find Malina.

The Needs of the Many

As Quentin, Noah, and Taylor break into Renautas Headquarters in Midian, three gun-wielding Harris clones attempt to prevent their entry into the compound. All three are shot and killed by Noah, whose party enters the room holding the evos Renautas has captured. After Molly Walker's suicide, Harris (or a duplicate) enters the room and sees her corpse, long enough to ascertain that she killed herself with a gun. Shortly after, he (or a duplicate) is seen reporting the death and the identities of the intruders to an irate Erica Kravid, who instructs him to go after them himself — with the aid of "The Shadow".

The Lion's Den

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Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

At the Odessa Peace Summit, Harris escorts Mohinder Suresh to Erica Kravid and then tranquilizes him on Erica's order.

In the stadium parking garage, a Harris clone has Mohinder hooked up to a drug that suppresses his abilities and has a bomb vest. As Harris taunts Mohinder, a future Hiro Nakamura appears to Harris' surprise as Hiro is supposed to be trapped inside the Eternal Fortress. Hiro draws a sword and they fight, ending with Hiro chopping off the clone's arms and then stabbing him through the chest. After Hiro releases Mohinder, three more Harris' appear, all armed with bomb vests. While Mohinder goes after one, Hiro faces two, but freezes time to see what will happen if he defeats Harris. After teleporting a bit, Hiro sadly proclaims "too many butterflies" and teleports away, leaving the Harris' confused when time unfreezes.

Mohinder battles the third Harris, sending him flying into a car with a punch, but Harris keeps running. Mohinder eventually catches up to Harris, but his powers suddenly stop working, allowing Harris to break free. Harris reveals that the wall he is standing next to is load-bearing and by detonating his vest, he can bring down one-fourth of the stadium. A thoroughly horrified Mohinder asks how many of Harris is there and Harris informs him there's enough out there with bomb vests to destroy the stadium. He taunts Mohinder about his role in the coming disaster.

Shortly after Noah Bennet says goodbye to his daughter, Hiro appears and informs Noah that its impossible to stop Harris from bombing the summit. There's too many Harris' with too many bombs and any attempt to change the future results in a worse one.

Shortly after Phoebe Frady covers the sky in darkness, the Harris' detonate their bombs, destroying the stadium and killing thousands of people.

June 13th, Part Two

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Sundae, Bloody Sundae

In the Kravids' home, Harris tells Erica that he has located Taylor in Los Angeles, and that he believes she has contacted Hero Truther. Erica tells him that he has to outsmart her to win. Later, Harris (or a clone) travels to Carbondale and pulls up in front of Joanne. He tells her to get in.

11:53 to Odessa

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Send in the Clones

A Harris tells Quentin Frady about the storm that Malina stopped and Quentin told him that Malina and Noah believed Tommy Clark to be in Midian, Colorado. Harris outlined a plan to ambush and kill Malina but he, another clone and Phoebe were surprised when Quentin showed reluctance to kill Malina due to her age. However, Quentin eventually agreed to help them kill Malina despite his reservations.

Using special goggles while waiting at the side of a highway, the Harris' locate Malina and Carlos who flee through a field. Malina tries to keep them at bay with her power, but Phoebe blocks them. Carlos decides to confront Harris armed with his gun while sending Malina to run. Malina is eventually captured by a Harris, Phoebe and Quentin, but Carlos arrives in time to pistol-whip Phoebe, knocking her out. He then fries the Harris and talks Quentin down. The second Harris witnesses Carlos and Malina taking Quentin and Malina prisoner and ambushes them after they emerge from the cornfield. Before he can fire, he disintegrates due to Miko killing the real Harris.

An army of Harris clones approaches Sunstone Manor where Farah, Carlos Gutierrez, Rene and Taylor Kravid barricade themselves inside. While working their way through the manor, Farah and Carlos are confronted by three Harris clones, but using Farah's powers of invisibility, they are able to easily take them out. Two Harris' later confront Matt Parkman when he tries to leave with Taylor, but Matt forces them to kill themselves. As Carlos attempts to free Micah Sanders, a Harris clone shoots his gun out of his hand but is grabbed from behind by Mauricio Chavez who surronds him in mist, choking him before Carlos shatters him with a punch. The clone army outside the manor is confronted by Miko Otomo who holds them off which the real Harris informs Erica of. They all disintegrate when Miko kills the real Harris.

As the clone army is in a standoff with Miko, the real Harris appears armed with an axe and tells his clones that the battle is his. The clones lower their guns and leave Miko to the real Harris as shown in a copy of 9th! Wonders Tommy showed Miko earlier. Miko and Harris fight with Miko dominating the fight at first, slashing Harris across his side. However, Harris eventually gains the upper hand and beats Miko. Harris taunts Miko, telling her that once she's dead, he will kill the real her and then her father. Harris pronounces "game over" and goes to kill her, but Miko stabs her blade through herself and Harris who is behind her, mortally wounding him. Miko tells Harris "don't get ahead of yourself" before she decapitates Harris, killing him.

Evolved Human Abilities

Harris displays the ability to create a duplicate of himself from severed organs or appendages. Harris carries a set of scissors around with him, which he uses to create duplicates — he cuts off a finger to do so (The Lion's Den). Harris's clones are also able to duplicate the clothes that the prime is wearing, but not vice versa. For example, Harris once had a clone duplicate the prime's entire suit, but the prime did not duplicate the watch that the hand the clone was generated from initially wore. (Under the Mask)

It is noted that this ability resembles regeneration more than the cloning displayed by individuals like Eli, as tissue growth is very clearly involved in the process of creating a duplicate. Rapid tissue growth appears to cause both the formation of the duplicate from the severed appendage and the healing of the injury that caused the appendage to be severed (Under the Mask). It is also noted that the clones collapse into a white, granular substance resembling salt when they expire (The Needs of the Many).

As of now, it remains unclear as to how much control the "prime" or original Harris has over his duplicates, though they appear to act with near-perfect synchronicity when carrying out similar actions. The duration for which the duplicate survives is also unknown. (The Needs of the Many, The Lion's Den)

Harris' ability seems unaffected by Phoebe Frady's power as even after her cloud of darkness blotted out the sky and drained the powers of all the evos at the summit, the Harris' were still able to detonate their bombs and destroy the summit. (June 13th, Part One)

The Harris clones were connected to the original as shown with them disappearing when Miko Otomo killed the real Harris. (Send in the Clones)


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