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Mark Spatney

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Mark Spatney
Mohinder's neighbor.jpg
Portrayed by Mark Vanselow
First appearance I Am Become Death
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 32
Home New York, NY
Residences Reed Street, next to Mohinder's lab
Significant other Mrs. Spatney

Mark Spatney is the neighbor of Mohinder Suresh.

Character History

I Am Become Death

Mohinder investigates a scuffle he hears coming from his neighbor's home and is confronted by Mark, who insults Mohinder for not minding his own business. Mohinder's aggressive anger gives way as he grabs Mark and bangs his head into the doorway until Mrs. Spatney pleads for Mohinder to stop.

Later, Mark heads to Mohinder's lab for revenge. After punching Mohinder in the face, Mark is forcefully pulled into the lab by an angry Mohinder.

Angels and Monsters

Maya brings Mohinder a flyer about his missing neighbor, which Mohinder shrugs off. Soon thereafter, Maya discovers Mark encased in a cocoon. Mark is alive, but unable to move at all, aside from blinking his eyes.

Dying of the Light

Mark remains encased in a cocoon in Mohinder's lab.

Eris Quod Sum

Mark, encased in a cocoon in Mohinder's lab, is discovered by Nathan and Tracy. Tracy tries to free him, despite Nathan's warnings. However, Mark immediately wakes up and grabs Tracy's neck. Nathan tries to free her until Mark is stunned by Noah.

Graphic Novel:Partners

Mark is seen after being recovered by The Company from Mohinder's cocoon, being sprayed down by and cleaned off. Noah tells Meredith they are awaiting a visit from The Haitian to help them "wake up wondering where they've been the last week".

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Mark is seen in Mohinder's cocoon as Mohinder leaps from the ceiling towards Maya.


  • Mark Spatney is named after Mark Spatny, a visual effects producer for Heroes.
  • According to a flyer about Mark, he is 6'3" and has brown hair. People with information about him should call 212-555-0199. Whose phone number this is remains unknown.

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