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Matt's art

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Matt's art
Prophetic drawing by Matt of Matt and Daphne.jpg
Some of Matt's drawings lay in a pile on his table.

First mentioned: A Clear and Present Danger
Owned by: Arthur Petrelli
Current status: At Matt's apartment

Matt's drawings are drawn by Matt Parkman using his power of precognition. They have thus far all come true.


A Clear and Present Danger

Usutu appears to Matt, and tells him that he is now the prophet. Matt replies that he can't even draw, but thereafter Matt's eyes turn white, and he begins to quickly sketch out three prophetic drawings of himself, Daphne, and Claire.


  • The art for Matt's drawings was created by Tim Sale, who is also responsible for Isaac, Peter, Usutu, and Arthur's artwork.
  • Matt's prophecies are sketched rather than painted.


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