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Micah's money

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Micah's money
Micahs ill gotten gains.jpg
Micah shows D.L. the money he obtained.

First mentioned: The Fix
Owned by: Property of Mini-Bank; stolen by Micah
Current status: Held by D.L. Hawkins

Desperate for money, Micah Sanders steals a large amount of money.


The Fix

Micah and his father find themselves in financial trouble since Niki has been incarcerated and D.L has returned Linderman's money to Aron Malsky. Micah takes matters into his own hands when he uses his power to steal a large amount of money from an ATM. He brings the money back home and tells his father he has "a secret".


  • Each bill of Micah's money appears to have the same serial number: F74567634W.
  • Each bill is a $20 denomination, but shows a portrait of Benjamin Franklin. In reality, $20 bills have Andrew Jackson's image--$100 bills show Benjamin Franklin.
  • Micah appears to retrieve money from a Mini-Bank 1500 model.


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