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'''Mimicry''' could refer to:
'''Mimic''' could refer to:
* '''[[Adoptive muscle memory]]''' (also referred to as '''muscle mimicry'''), the [[ability]] to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed once.
* '''[[Ability theft]]''', [[Sylar]]'s act of stealing and mimicking the powers of others through the process of [[brain removal]].
* '''[[Empathic mimicry]]''', the [[ability]] to absorb the abilities of other [[evolved humans]] through an empathic link.
* '''[[Adoptive muscle memory]]''', [[Monica]]'s power of duplicating any physical action she witnesses.
* '''[[Metal mimicry]]''', the [[ability]] to transmute parts of one's own body into metal.
* '''[[Aura absorption]]''', [[Linda Tavara]]'s ability to take the powers of those she kills.
* '''[[Water mimicry]]''', the [[ability]] to mimic and control water.
* '''[[Empathic mimicry]]''', [[Peter]]'s [[ability]] to duplicate the abilities of other [[evolved humans]].
* '''[[Plant mimicry]]''', [[Lewis]]'s [[ability]] to generate and copy the properties of vegetation.
* '''[[Metal mimicry]]''', [[Danny Pine]]'s ability to convert his tissues into metal.
* '''[[Puppet master]]''', [[Eric]] seems to force other people to copy what he does physically.
* '''[[Water mimicry]]''', the [[liquid man]] and [[Elisa]]'s ability to take on the properties of H<sub>2</sub>O.
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Mimic could refer to:

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