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Mohinder Suresh's apartment

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Mohinder Suresh's apartment
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residential, Research

After relocating to New York from Chennai to pursue his research, Chandra Suresh rents an apartment in Brooklyn and uses it as both his home and his office. He meets with Gabriel Grey and Mr. Bennet in the apartment, following up on information from his list of suspected evolved humans.

After Chandra is killed, his son Mohinder takes over the lease and looks for clues about his father's death. Mohinder meets his father's neighbor Eden McCain, who helps him examine the apartment. Mohinder finds much of his father's research, including the Sylar tape, the map, a flash drive containing the algorithm, a laptop which concealed Chandra's journal (which itself contained Sylar's address and the key). Eden discovers Sylar's message on the answering machine. Mohinder rereates the map using information he took from his father's apartment in Chennai, including the Genesis files.

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