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Mohinder Suresh
Portrayed by Sendhil Ramamurthy
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Known abilities Original ability:
Enhanced strength and senses (synthetic, corrected)
Current ability:
Enhanced strength (synthetic)
Formal name Mohinder Kumar Suresh
Alias Mr. Ahmadi
Nickname Fight club
Punching bag
Dr. Watson
Age 41
Date of birth April 8, 1974
Place of birth India
Home formerly New York, NY;
Madras, India
Residences Apartment in Brooklyn, NY
Occupations Former agent of Pinehearst Company,
former Company medical professional & agent,
former taxi driver,
genetics professor
Significant others formerly Maya Herrera,
Mira Shenoy
Parents Chandra Suresh (deceased),
Unnamed mother
Grandparent Unnamed grandmother
Ward Molly Walker
Sibling Shanti Suresh (deceased)
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Dr. Mohinder Suresh (Hindi: मोहिन्दर सुरेश) is a genetics professor from India who took up the research into evolved humans after the death of his father. Steadily unraveling the mysteries of his father's research, as well as determined to find his father's killer, eventually Mohinder joined the Company, and later defected to Pinehearst. Mohinder's research has since made the ground-breaking discovery of the way a normal human could gain abilities, with Mohinder using the new treatment on himself and becoming an artificial evolved human. Mohinder was formerly on the run from the government after escaping again from Emile Danko and his forces but, after the shutdown of Building 26 and the death of "Sylar", he went back to India, where he became a teacher again and lived with his former girlfriend, Mira Shenoy. However, after visiting the Carnival, Mohinder was attacked by Samuel Sullivan, who was looking for a film depicting his father showing how Samuel's ability can be vastly magnified. Hiro saved Mohinder, but put him in an asylum to keep him out of the way for the next few weeks. A mentally scrambled Hiro and Ando later rescued Mohinder and after creating another compass, he plans to go back to Mira and make up for breaking his promise to her.

Character History

Season One

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Mohinder Suresh: Season One History.

Mohinder relives his past through Sanjog's ability.

Teaching a class in Chennai University, he finds out from Nirand that his father has been killed. He goes to New York, and lives in his father's apartment, getting a job as a taxi driver. One customer is Peter, and they witness the eclipse. At his home, he finds evidence about his father's killer, Sylar, and gets to know his neighbor, Eden. Together, they find an algorithm, and Mohinder tries warning Nathan of his fate. Peter visits him, and together they go to visit Isaac. He does not answer, and Mohinder concludes that Peter led him on a wacky adventure.

He returns to India and his job, when he thinks about closing off the algorithm. He starts dreaming about his father and mother, discovering that he had a sister. He finds an evolved human, Sanjog Iyer, and decides to return to America after finding out more about Sylar and the list.

Two weeks later, he discovers that Eden is dead, and receives a visit from Bennet, who gives him a business card. Nathan also visits him, and the two try to calm Peter down, to little success. Mohinder resumes his quest to find people with power, and meets Zane Taylor - actually Sylar in disguise. Together, they find another, Dale Smither, when Mohinder figures out that he is with Sylar. He holds him hostage using curare, but Sylar gets the upper hand and attacks Mohinder. However, after a fight between Peter and Sylar, Mohinder strikes Sylar down with the map, and destroys the list, escaping and taking Peter's body to his mother.

He contacts Thompson, and meets Molly Walker in a building. He works on curing her virus, only to find out that he is the cure. Giving her his blood, he learns about her power, only to be warned of two men trying to find her. He protects her, knocking out Matt, and holds Bennet at gun point. They eventually come to an agreement, and Mohinder and Molly escape from the building, finding D.L., Niki and Micah along the way. They witness the explosion from Kirby Plaza, as Mohinder tends to a wounded Matt.

Season Two

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Mohinder Suresh: Season Two History.

Mohinder travels to Haiti to cure the Haitian.

Mohinder is giving lectures about his research on the Shanti virus in various cities when a man comes to him in Cairo. He mentions Shanti, which prompts Mohinder to be aggressive, but Bob offers Mohinder a job at his company. Mohinder reluctantly takes the job, then secretly calls Noah about bringing the company down. Mohinder's first assignment is to heal the Haitian with the cure, but Mohinder forgets what happened and the Haitian escapes. Mohinder returns to his apartment, where he lives with Matt and Molly.

Mohinder is given Isaac's loft by the Company to run a lab to further his research. He finds a painting from the series of eight that foretells Noah's death. Later, Mohinder and Molly are greeted by Matt, who asks Molly to find his father. Molly freaks out after seeing Matt's father in a picture, and Mohinder asks what her problem is. She tells Mohinder and Matt that Matt's father is the nightmare man. Eventually, she helps Matt, but is rendered unconscious. Mohinder tries to calm Matt down after Molly becomes unconscious, noting that she is in shock.

Mohinder decides to bring Molly to the Company for help, which angers Noah. While Mohinder talks to Bob about Molly, he is given a new assignment to deal with another person with powers. He travels to New Orleans to get Monica. At the Company's hospital, Monica demonstrates her ability through various tests. Bob tells Mohinder to inject Monica with a variant of the virus that will disable her abilities, but Mohinder later does not, and argues with Bob and decides to take Molly.

Eventually, Mohinder realizes that he cannot help Molly alone, and Bob apologizes to Mohinder about asking him to inject Monica. After being partnered with Niki, Bob tells Mohinder that he needs to inject Maury with the virus. Mohinder protests, but eventually leaves with Niki to go get samples. Mohinder witnesses Niki talking to herself and suspects it is the work of Maury. As the two collect samples, Niki begins talking to herself and eventually punches Mohinder, breaking his nose. After Maury is captured and Niki injected herself with the virus, Mohinder attempts to use his blood to cure Niki, but finds the virus is immune to his blood. He informs Bob of this who tells Mohinder they can use Claire to help Niki, and reveals to Bob his partnership with Mr. Bennet and their motives to take down the company.

Mohinder holds a gun on Noah.

Mohinder is partnered with Elle to kill Noah and get Claire's blood. Bob kidnaps Claire from her home; Claire agrees to give some of her blood if they leave her father alone. Elsewhere, Elle meets up with Noah and Suresh. It appears Elle is about to attack Noah when Claire's boyfriend West swoops down and knocks Elle unconscious. Noah, having restrained Elle in his home, calls Bob to arrange an exchange: Elle for Claire. After the two daughters are released, West begins to fly to Claire to safety, but Elle fells West with an electrical bolt. Noah draws his gun and shoots Elle in the shoulder. He then points his gun at Bob, telling him "If you die, the Company dies with you." Instead, Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye, killing him. Noah's body is taken to Primatech Research, where he is given Claire's regenerative blood by Mohinder. Mohinder makes a mix of his blood and Claire's blood and begins to head to New Orleans to give an injection to Niki when he receives a phone call from Sylar, who reveals that he is at Mohinder's apartment with Molly. Mohinder rushes to his apartment, where Sylar holds Mohinder, Molly and Maya hostage and tells Mohinder to cure him of the virus. Mohinder takes all of them to his lab, where he discovers that Sylar has the same strain of the virus that Niki had. Sylar shoots Maya when she starts to manifest her ability. To test the antidote Sylar tells Mohinder to give it to Maya first. After Mohinder injects Maya, Elle appears and attempts to apprehend Sylar. Elle hits Sylar in the back with an electrical bolt, but he escapes.

Season Three

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Mohinder Suresh: Season Three History.

Mohinder injects himself with an ability induction serum.

Mohinder returns home after sending Molly to India. He is attacked by Maya, who becomes angry that Mohinder will not remove her ability. Mohinder realizes that abilities are triggered by Adrenaline and uses some of Maya's blood to create a shot that gives people abilities. He injects himself and gains his own unique ability. He and Maya spend a night together and Mohinder begins to see some terrible side effects to his formula. He researches for a possible cure but is unable to find one. His condition worsens as more scales appear and his aggression furthers. Eventually, he kidnaps his neighbor, Mark Spatney, and cocoons him to his wall. When Maya finds out, he cocoons her as well. Mohinder continues searching for a way to remove abilities, refusing to believe that he has become a monster.

After Nathan and Tracy visit him, Mohinder drugs them and attempts to discover how they gained their synthetic abilities. Tracy fools him and chills his arm so that she can escape. Mohinder is forced to flee with Maya's cocoon and he goes to Pinehearst, where he is given a job by Arthur Petrelli. Arthur removes Maya's power, but she is still afraid of Mohinder and tells him that she may never be able to forgive what he did. Mohinder begins using Pinehearst's resources to try and find a way to perfect their formula and cure himself. His attention changes to focus on an upcoming eclipse, which subsequently removes every ability. Mohinder tries to go to Maya but his scales return before he can talk with her. He returns to Pinehearst and, after the catalyst is fused with his formula, he gives the marine Scott the power of enhanced strength. Mohinder prepares more injections but is stopped by Knox, Flint and Peter after Peter and Sylar kill Arthur. When Flint begins wrecking his lab, Mohinder is splashed with the formula, which cures his condition, leaving him solely with his strength. Mohinder flees while Peter and Flint destroy the formula and meets up with Tracy who escaped also who gives him a ride.

Mohinder examines his father's films.

Two months later, Mohinder has returned to his job as a taxi driver. He runs into Peter Petrelli whom he has a friendly conversation with and even gives a free ride to and then picks up Danko, who tries to catch him. Mohinder runs and is saved by Noah, who tries to find out what Mohinder knows. Noah betrays Mohinder and places him on Flight 195 with the other fugitives, where he is hooded and drugged. Mohinder is freed by Peter who replicates Mohinder's enhanced strength to break free after Claire removes the drugs from him. When the plane goes down, Mohinder uses his strength to save Peter. He then teams up with Matt and Hiro, and the three of them return to the crash site to try and save Daphne. After her "death", Mohinder joins Matt and Peter as they attempt to find out about Building 26. They interrogate Noah and learn that Mohinder knew what was going to happen. To try and make up for his past sins, Mohinder fights off government agents while Matt learns the truth about Daphne. Mohinder's sacrifice leads him to be captured.

When Nathan is exposed, Mohinder is placed with the other fugitives in Building 26. He is soon rescued by Tracy and accompanies Matt to the hospital with Daphne. When Daphne dies, Mohinder returns to New York to get his research and learns that his father was involved in a similar operation in 1961. Mohinder travels to the Coyote Sands and finds some of his father's old files. He joins the Petrelli family in their search for Angela but refuses to form a new Company with them, as he believes he still needs to seek redemption. He is once again captured by the government but is rescued by Hiro and Ando who free everyone from Building 26 and defeat Danko's team. He sees that Hiro's ability is hurting him and informs him that if he stops time again, he may die. After Hiro defeats Danko, saving Noah and passes out, Mohinder takes care of him with Ando while Noah goes to stop Sylar. Mohinder then accompanies Hiro and Ando to "Sylar's" funeral and leaves to seek his redemption.

Season Four

For an episode-by-episode summary, see Mohinder Suresh: Season Four History.

Moving back to India, Mohinder returns to his old job as a genetics professor at Chennai University. He also resumes his relationship with Mira Shenoy. However, Mohinder soon finds himself diving back into his father's research when a new box of it arrives in his office, much to Mira's dismay. In the box, he finds an old reel of film on which Chandra hypothesizes that the amount of evolved humans at Coyote Sands is producing a kind of energy field that is strengthening the unborn baby of a pregnant woman. Using his father's notes and records, Mohinder constructs his own version of the compass, which he intends to use to track down the now-adult Samuel. The compass guides Mohinder to the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, where he meets Samuel's brother, Joseph, and warns him of how powerful Samuel could become if he surrounds himself with enough specials. Joseph tells Mohinder that he is aware of the effect that specials have on Samuel, and that he is keeping his family small so that that does not happen, but Samuel eavesdrops on them and hears everything.

Later, Samuel bursts into Mohinder's motel room as he is burning the Coyote Sands tape and demands that Mohinder tell him what was on it. When Mohinder refuses, Samuel crushes a rock and launches the pieces into Mohinder's chest. While in the original timeline, this killed him, Hiro Nakamura changed things so that Mohinder was wearing a Kevlar vest at the time and the film he burned was not the Coyote Sands film. After Samuel leaves, Mohinder wakes up and sees Hiro next to him, who explains that he had saved Mohinder's life, and the film, for a regretful Samuel in exchange for his love, Charlie. While Mohinder understands Hiro's situation, he tells him that he cannot sit by and do nothing while Samuel goes about increasing his power, so Hiro makes Mohinder disappear by putting him in a psychiatric hospital under the alias "Mr. Ahmadi".

Eight weeks later, Hiro and Ando infiltrate the psychiatric hospital and Ando switches Mohinder's drugs with aspirin so that his enhanced strength will return. When Mohinder's last dose wears off, he breaks out of his straitjacket, and the door to his cell, to meet his rescuers. Hiro teleports them to Noah Bennet's apartment. Mohinder builds another compass for Noah at his request, but tells Noah that he cannot help him as he must return to India to make up with Mira. With that, Mohinder leaves, hoping to find forgiveness.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 4

A Channel 6 newscaster reports that Mohinder has taken responsibility for the June 13, 2014, terrorist act.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 5

Quentin Frady creates a board that includes a photo of Mohinder, and news article with the headlines "Hunt for Suresh Continues" and "Suresh Finally Arrested in Chennai".

Whilst talking to Aly, Quentin says that Phoebe and Suresh were not involved in the June 13th attack. He says that he has read all of Mohinder's book and he is a humanist who would not do that attack. However, they made Mohinder take the blame for it.

Webisode:Dark Matters, Part 6

Mohinder's photo is in the files that Quentin used to find Noah Bennet.

Brave New World

The evos in the evo support group watch a televised news report on the one-year anniversary of the June 13th disaster. The report reflects that evo supremacist Mohinder Suresh took full responsibility for the disaster. The "Angry Old Man" later says that Suresh was right in saying that evos were the future.

When Quentin confronts Noah outside his home, Noah assumes that Quentin is an apologist for Suresh. Quentin insists that Suresh had nothing to do with the June 13th disaster, and shows Noah the manuscript of Suresh's unpublished book to prove it.

In Moe's Ice Cream Parlor, Joanne reads a newspaper with the headline "Evo's behind church fire - Suresh claims responsibility". Joanne is annoyed that Suresh got credit for burning the church down when she and Luke did it the night before. Luke comments on the odd coincidence that this is not the first time Suresh has received credit.

Under the Mask

Jimmy Rourke says that there is still a manhunt for Mohinder Suresh.

The Lion's Den

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Mohinder appears on a screen of evos most wanted by ATFED.

Game Over

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June 13th, Part One

Mohinder meets with Angela Petrelli who tells him they have made a terrible mistake in trusting Erica Kravid and Renautas. Angela reveals Primatech and Renautas are the same and that she had sold Erica the Company as she believed Erica could stop the H.E.L.E., an extinction-level event that Mohinder had discovered was coming through research in the Arctic. Angela tells Mohinder that Erica's plan is to let the H.E.L.E. come. Mohinder informs Angela that Erica had hired him to find a solution which he did: the evos. Everyone on the planet will die otherwise. Angela warns that not everyone will die, that Erica will choose the survivors and has been planning it for years. Angela explains that she had one of her visions showing the H.E.L.E. and the aftermath. Angela had also seen the evos who could save them which she'd told Erica about as well in hopes of getting Erica to revise the plan and save everyone. However, Erica used Angela instead and she tries to get Mohinder to believe her. Mohinder refuses due to her past actions and Angela warns him that his team was murdered, their bodies buried and all evidence of Mohinder's research erased. Angela pleads with Mohinder to help her reveal the truth to the world, but he refuses, telling her he will be informing the world at the summit. Angela tells him that Erica will cancel his speech and then have him murdered.

Somewhat suspicious, Mohinder calls Ned to check on the team and grows worried when he can't reach them. Running into Molly Walker, Mohinder gives her a copy of the book he wrote about the H.E.L.E. in case something happens to him. Harris takes Mohinder to Erica who informs him that he won't be making his speech. Realizing that Angela was right, Mohinder confronts her about it and she tells him she has a plan, but it doesn't include him. Mohinder tries to attack Harris, but is tranquilized.

Harris takes Mohinder to the garage, strapping him to a drug that blocks his powers. Harris tells him that he will never be found after the bomb goes off, but he is rescued by a future version of Hiro Nakamura who came back in time to stop the bombing of the summit. During the fight, Mohinder warns Hiro of Harris' bomb, but Hiro is able to defeat Harris and free Mohinder. Confronted by three more Harris', each with a bomb strapped to them, Mohinder and Hiro team up together to stop them. Hiro takes on two at once while Mohinder chases a single Harris. He eventually catches up to him, but his powers suddenly don't work. Harris informs him that the wall he's standing by is a load-bearing wall and he can take down a fourth of the stadium with his bomb and there are more of him all over the place with bombs. A horrified Mohinder realizes what's going to happen and Harris taunts him by telling him "you'll make history Doctor Suresh. Just not the kind you intended." Shortly afterwards, the bombs go off, leaving Mohinder's fate unknown.

June 13th, Part Two

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Heroes Evolutions

The Odessa Report

In Channel 6's "Odessa Report" on June 13th, the newscaster says that evo activist Dr. Mohinder Suresh is calling the summit a "new beginning". In a clip from an interview, Mohinder states that he believes the summit is the dawn of a new era of man.

Brave New World

Excerpts from Mohinder's unpublished Escalating Evolution are included twice as chapter introductions for the eBook Brave New World.

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Evolved Human Abilities

Mohinder acquired an ability by injecting himself with a compound isolated from Maya's adrenaline. The injection enhanced all of his bodily functions to the peak of human potential. He described his transformation as the next step in human evolution, while still remaining completely human. His ability included enhanced physical and mental capabilities such as superhuman agility, strength, stamina, speed, reflexes, balance, durability, eye sight, and immune system. Mohinder could also jump higher and farther than a normal human. However, the formula was flawed, causing adverse physical and behavioral side-effects, including insect-like skin deformities and "cocooning" victims in his lab.

Exposure to a version of the formula enhanced with the catalyst caused his lesions and most of his superhuman abilities to disappear, but Mohinder retains sufficient enhanced strength to easily rip a taxi door off its hinges, hit another person with it, then hold it up as a shield to block tasers being fired at him (A Clear and Present Danger). Enhanced strength is now Mohinder's only ability: the rest of his powers were tied to his insect-like lesions and are now gone. (Behind the Eclipse: Week 13) When Peter replicated Mohinder's powers, he displayed enhanced agility. Presumably Mohinder possesses this as well as Peter got the power and everything that came with it from him. (Orientation)

Heroes Reborn App

Prior to Heroes Reborn starting, the Heroes Reborn app was released with a video summary of Suresh's history. The summary included:


Memorable Quotes

"It's the sort of cutting-edge science we used to talk about late into the night."

"The world's worst pillow talk, I'd say."

- Mira, Mohinder (Seven Minutes to Midnight)

"Hope is great, but we need caffeine."

- Mohinder (to Sylar (who is impersonating Zane Taylor)) (Parasite)

"Your nose. Does it hurt?"

"Only when I breathe."

- Niki, Mohinder (Out of Time)

"The formula is transforming me, and I fear what I'm becoming."

- Mohinder, to his recorder (I Am Become Death)

"You really think I'm that kind of stupid, doc?"

"Honestly... yeah, I did."

- Flint, Mohinder (The Eclipse, Part 2)


  • According to an interview with Jason La Padura, Mohinder was originally conceived as a man in his 50s, essentially as the role of Chandra. However, when Sendhil Ramamurthy read for the part, the producers rethought the role to accommodate the actor they wanted to use.
  • Mohinder's name is likely a variant of the name Mahendra, an amalgam of the words "maha" (great) and "Indra" (a Hindu god). His surname, Suresh, is likely a transcription of the common first name Suresha, meaning "ruler of the gods."
  • Mohinder could speak some French, although not fluently. (Lizards)
  • According to his dental records, Mohinder was born on April 8, 1974. Incidentally, his teeth had no cavities and he had great alignment.
  • Mohinder seems to be the only character besides Sylar that was able to withstand the force of being tasered. Both Sylar and Mohinder can still be conscious and move normally while being shot with a few tasers. However, Mohinder could still succumb to the shocks if too many tasers are fired. It is uncertain whether this is due to his ability or some other cause.
  • While at Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital, Mohinder is called Ahmadi (Close to You). This is a common last name among people in Muslim cultures. Mohinder is Hindu, not Muslim.

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