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| residence = [[the Pines' home|Home in Waterbury, now destroyed]]
| residence = [[the Pines' home|Home in Waterbury, now destroyed]]
| occupation =  
| occupation =  
| significant other = [[Danny Pine]] (ex-husband, deceased)
| significant other = [[Danny Pine]] (ex-husband)
| parent =  
| parent =  
| grandparent(s) =  
| grandparent(s) =  

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Mrs. Pine
First appearance Partners
In-story stats
Known ability None
Date of death 2007
Home Waterbury, CT
Residences Home in Waterbury, now destroyed
Significant other Danny Pine (ex-husband)
Child William Pine

Mrs. Pine was the ex-wife of Danny Pine.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Partners

After detaining Danny Pine, Meredith notices the corpse of Mrs. Pine behind a door. Danny claims that he didn't mean to kill her, but also claims that she deserved it for cheating on him and stealing everything he had.

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