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Nathan's campaign

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Nathan and Peter are hard at work at the campaign

Nathan Petrelli is campaigning for political office in New York, NY.

The Petrelli family has a long history of political service. Nathan's father had held political office, and his mother Angela Petrelli is well versed in political maneuvers. His brother, Peter Petrelli, on the other hand, has chosen a different career path, but still wishes to help his brother succeed.

Nathan has concerns about Peter's recent "flights of fancy", and stages a press conference following Peter's stay in the hospital. There, Nathan states his brother has symptoms of depression, quickly saving his campaign from embarrassing rumors that dimentia might run in the family.

As the election nears, Nathan finds his campaign funds running short, and chooses to pay a visit to Las Vegas, NV to visit Mr. Linderman, a friend of his father. While there, his tryst with Jessica provides blackmail material against him, but by embracing his mistake, Nathan manages to secure $4 million for the campaign.

On his return, Angela arranges for an interview with The New York Journal, portraying Nathan as a "family man", highlighting Nathan, his wife Heidi, and their two boys. The reporter, Oliver Dennison, inquires about Mr. Lindeman's involvement, as well as Nathan's activities in Las Vegas. Peter saves the campaign by claiming that the two of them were in Las Vegas to find professional help for his depression.

The day after the election is November 8th - the day New York will be hit by a nuclear explosion, as witnessed by Hiro when he visited the future.