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Nathan's office

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Nathan's office
Nathan's office overhead.JPG
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Office

Nathan maintained an office at his campaign headquarters in Manhattan.

Notable Occupants

Notable Visitors



While on the phone in his office, Nathan Petrelli sits down and listens to Meredith tell him that their daughter just found her.


In his office, Nathan receives a phone call from Meredith Gordon about his estranged daughter. Angela comes to the office to consult with Nathan about the situation, and suggests Nathan pay her off.


Simone visits Nathan in his office, urging him to make Peter's powers public. Nathan disagrees and Simone leaves.


Nathan's campaign manager brings Agents Alonzo and Quesada to Nathan's office. Nathan expresses dismay that they have come to his office, but the agents ask Nathan to wear a wire when talking to Linderman at his Vegas casino. Peter, invisible, hears the entire conversation; he tells Nathan about Simone's death and then leaves for Suresh's apartment.

Later, Jessica arrives and kills Alonzo and Quesada on Mr. Linderman's orders.

The Hard Part

Peter and Claire go to Nathan's office to talk to Nathan, but the plan changes when they see Thompson talking to Nathan about Mr. Linderman, the explosion, and Nathan's campaign. Later, Angela talks with Nathan in his office, telling him that it is his destiny to use the explosion for good.


D.L. and Jessica track down Nathan in his office. Nathan looks at the television and discovers that he won the election with 64% of the votes.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Nathan is in his campaign office and watches a recording of his speech. He learns from his mother that Linderman was murdered. He says that after the explosion, the city and America will need him.

Nathan returns to his campaign office to get some paperwork. When Claire tells Nathan that the future isn't written in stone, he replies that this one is. When Claire asks Angela and Nathan how they could let this happen to Peter, Nathan promises to Claire that it will all make sense soon. Nathan hugs Claire, but she quickly runs and jumps out a nearby window, walking away after regenerating. Nathan looks down and has a troubled look on his face.



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