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{{Infobox place
| image = National Library and Archives.jpg
| caption = Abu Aswan travels to the National Library and Archives
| location = Cairo, Egypt
| purpose = Storage of historical documents
[[Abu Aswan]] does genealogical research at the '''National Library and Archives'''.
==Notable Visitors==
* [[Abu Aswan]]
===[[Graphic Novel:History of a Secret]]===
Abu, panting from running, travels to the National Library and Archives, where he finds his family's [[Khufu's kin|genealogical chart]] and learns that he is a descendant of Pharaoh [[Khufu]].
* In reality, there is a National Library and Archives in Cairo, Egypt.
Image:National Library and Archives real.jpg|The National Library and Archives...
Image:National Library and Archives exterior.jpg|...really exists in Cairo.
==External Links==
* [[Wikipedia:Egyptian National Library and Archives|Egyptian National Library and Archives]] -- Wikipedia
[[Category:Non-Fictional Places]]

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