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New Orleans, LA

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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans, LA
Language(s) Spoken: English, French
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New Orleans, LA, is the largest city in Louisiana. It is known for its historic and cultural influences from around the world.

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New Orleans is often called the most unique city in America, as it is known for its unique music, cuisine and culture in comparison to the rest of the United States. In August, 2005, the city was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina, reducing the population of the greater metropolitan area by approximately 200,000 residents. Its location between Lake Ponchartrain and the Mississippi River made it the main trading port for France in early 19th century.


Niki brings Micah to New Orleans for him to start a normal life. She promises him she'll be back, then goes to knock on Nana's door, where she welcomes them to New Orleans.

The Kindness of Strangers

Micah wakes up to Damon dropping water on Micah's forehead. Nana asks if they're ready for school, and Micah tells her yes. Damon asks for money to watch a wrestling pay-per-view. Monica comes in and asks if she looks different, talking about her confidence. Nana watches a cooking show about making roses from tomatoes, and Monica leaves. Micah tells Damon that he knows a way for him to get pay-per-view.

Monica and Camille talk about their futures and attitude. Monica tells her she took the management training program, and Camille tells her not to get her hopes up. Monica ponders about Hurricane Katrina's effects on her life, and as she looks down, the tomato Monica was cutting is in the shape of a rose. Her manager calls her to the side, and he apologizes to her and lets her know that she's not getting the management position, and for her situation, she cannot leave to anywhere in the state, as the position requires. Later, Monica recollects the storm and tells Camille that she's special, but feels like God is punishing her for being selfish.

Micah works on a TV to get the scrambled signal for pay-per-view to unscramble. Micah uses his ability to obtain the signal, and he and Damon watch wrestling as Monica walks in. She watches the match and asks if it's pay-per-view. Damon tells Monica that Micah rigged the cable, and she tells him that he has to obey the rules. Micah hugs her for a while, and tells Monica that he wishes he could fix her dreams. Monica watches the "619" spin move performed by a wrestler on television.

Monica closes the store when an armed man comes in to rob the place. Monica is held at gunpoint and while the robber approaches the register, Monica then attacks the man by swinging around a pole, disabling the robber. He runs out of the store while Monica and her boss look on in amazement. Monica tells her boss that she learned the move on television.

Fight or Flight

Monica is being interviewed by Officer Landry about the incident that happened the night before. Monica doesn't tell the cop that she can identify him, and he leaves, saying he can't help a neighborhood that won't help itself. At her home, finds Micah playing the piano. Monica starts playing the piano with Micah, and suddenly she finds herself playing fast and uncontrollably, then walks away frightened.

In her kitchen, Micah reveals his powers and about his parents' powers. After he shows her a comic he suggests they test out her ability. At a park, Micah and Monica go to see skateboarders and basketball players, but Monica suggests double-dutching since she was never good at it. Using her ability, she watches a girl jump rope, then jumps in.

Back at home, Monica flips through channels, and watches kung fu, replicating Bruce Lee's motions. Micah watches and tells her that they're special. She wonders why God gave them the gifts, and then tells Micah that it's their secret. After Micah leaves the room, Monica then goes to answer a knock on the door and finds Mohinder. He tells her that he has answers to her questions.

The Line

Bob brings Monica home and gives her various resources for her disposal. He tells her that New Orleans could use "some amazing" after noting her ability is amazing.

Truth & Consequences

Monica, Damon, and Micah talk about Micah selling his books for a comic book. Micah tells Damon that he buys the comics for the stories, prompting Damon to say that he'd sell the comics and live happily ever after. Monica asks why St. Joan wears a hood if she is a good guy. Micah tells her every superhero needs a secret identity, otherwise your enemies would come after you, or even your family. Micah puts his backpack in his room and turns to see Nana and Niki in the kitchen. Niki and Micah talk, and she explains the she went to a place that helps people who are sick. She tells Micah she has a virus, that she can't spread it, but Dr. Suresh is looking for a cure that will make her better. Micah asks what would happen if Dr. Suresh can't find a cure, but Niki insists that he will. Micah tells her he has something that will make her stronger in his backpack, D.L.'s medal. When he goes to get it, he realizes his backpack is missing.

In the Dawsons' home, a bloody-nosed Damon is interrogated by Nana. He tells the family that he was trying to find out how much Micah's comics were worth. When he tells Micah that he was set up and someone stole Micah's backpack, Micah tackles and punches Damon. Niki pulls him off, and Micah yells that D.L.'s medal was in the bag. Damon offers to get a new one, but Micah asks if he will get him a new dad, too. Damon apologies, but Micah tells Damon that he hates him. Nana says she's going to call the police, but Micah insists that they need to get it themselves - that they need to be heroes like D.L. Niki tells him that is the reason D.L. is dead.

Monica wakes Micah and tells him that she knows where the thieves that took his bag live, and as long as he stays out of the way, he could come.

When Niki goes to the bedroom to tell Micah about the cure, he is gone. Outside the thug's house, Micah uses his abilities to figure out there is no one inside and Monica gains access by using her ability to mimic parkour. As she discovers the bag, the gang drives up and returns. She hides near the ceiling as the gang enters, but accidentally drops a comic from the bag, revealing her position. Two gangsters pull guns on her. Second later, the gang is dragging Monica out to a van, beating her unconscious along the way, but not before she looks in Micah's location with eyes pleading for help.


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  • New Orleans is often called "The City that Care Forgot" and "The Big Easy".
  • In The Kindness of Strangers, Monica says "half the people in this county live in FEMA trailers", though Louisiana is divided into parishes. She was most likely referring to Orleans Parish, where the City of New Orleans is situated.

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