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| first = [[Collision]]
| first = [[Collision]]
In her efforts to protect her family, Niki harmed several '''victims'''.
In her efforts to protect her family, [[Niki Sanders|Niki]] has harmed several '''victims'''.
==List of Victims==
==List of Victims==
===Indirect Kills===
===Indirect Kills===
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*'''[[Bob Bishop]]''' {{--}} Under the influence of an unknown personality, Niki attacks Bob before being tasered by [[Mohinder Suresh]]. {{epp|205}} She later attempts to kill Bob under the [[telepathy|influence]] of [[Maury Parkman]] but injects herself with the [[Shanti virus]] instead to stop herself. {{epp|207}}
*'''[[Nathan Petrelli]]''' {{--}} In order to pay back the money she owes [[Daniel Linderman|Linderman]], Niki reluctantly agrees to seduce Nathan. However, when she gets to the point of actually sleeping with him, Niki can't do it and [[Jessica Sanders|Jessica]] takes over. {{epp|104}} After regaining control from Jessica, Niki later holds a gun on Nathan and warns him that Jessica has killed the FBI agents he's working with and asks him to take the gun and kill Linderman. Niki then has Nathan knock her out to show Jessica Niki is the one in control. {{epp|118}} While under [[Maury Parkman]]'s [[telepathy|control]], Niki grabs Nathan by the shoulder but he talks her down before she can harm anyone. {{epp|207}}
*'''Several [[Primatech]] guards''' {{--}} Under the influence of an unknown personality, Niki attacks several Primatech guards before being subdued by [[Mohinder Suresh]]. {{epp|205}}
*'''Herself''' {{--}} Unable to break [[Maury Parkman|Maury's]] [[telepathy|control]] over her, Niki injects herself with an incurable strain of the [[Shanti virus]] in order to stop herself. {{epp|207}}
*'''[[Jessica Sanders]]''' {{--}} Niki fights with Jessica often for control over her body, (''[[Volume One]]'') at one point having [[Nathan Petrelli]] knock her out as a demonstration to Jessica that it is Niki in control and not Jessica. {{epp|118}}
*'''[[Mohinder Suresh]]''' {{--}} While under the influence of an unknown personality, Niki throws Mohinder into a door with enough force to shatter all of the glass in it before Mohinder [[taser]]s her. {{epp|205}} Under the [[telepathy|influence]] of [[Maury Parkman]], Niki [[enhanced strength|breaks Mohinder's nose]] and knocks him across a room in order to get at [[Bob Bishop]]. {{epp|207}}
*'''[[Sylar]]''' {{--}} In [[Kirby Plaza]], Niki spots Sylar beating up [[Peter Petrelli]] with a parking meter and intervenes, grabbing the parking meter and knocking Sylar to the ground with it. She is forced to abandon the fight afterwards to help her family, but not before Peter [[empathic mimicry|absorbs]] her [[enhanced strength]] to help him. {{epp|123}}
*'''[[Candice Willmer]]''' {{--}} Trying to rescue [[Micah Sanders|Micah]], Niki faces off with Candace who is [[illusion|disguised]] as [[Jessica Sanders|Jessica]]. At first Niki is unable to defeat Candace, but with the encouragement of the real Jessica from a mirror shard, Niki taps into her [[enhanced strength]] for the first time and knocks Candace out with a single punch. {{epp|123}}
*'''[[Hype Wilson]]''' {{--}} While trying to rescue [[Monica Dawson|Monica]], [[Micah Sanders|Micah]] spots Hype and recognizes him as the man who kidnapped Monica. Niki forces Hype to stop and lacking her [[enhanced strength]], kicks Hype in the groin as he approaches her with a gun. Niki demands to know where Monica is at gunpoint, pistol-whipping Hype when he refuses to answer. Micah spots [[Duzac's Diner]] burning nearby and realizes Monica is inside. Niki pistol-whips Hype again, knocking him unconscious and orders Micah to call the police on him. {{epp|211}}
===Victims from Alternate Timelines===
====[[Explosion future]]====
*In the "[[explosion future]]", Niki uses her [[enhanced strength]] and pole dancing moves to defeat some guards at the [[Moab Federal Penitentiary]]. (''[[Graphic Novel: Walls, Part 2]]'')
*While most of Niki's victims were committed with [[enhanced strength|her power]], her [[Hype Wilson|last victim]] she subdued while powerless.
[[Category: Lists]]
[[Category: Lists]]

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Niki's victims

First occurrence: Collision

In her efforts to protect her family, Niki has harmed several victims.

List of Victims

Indirect Kills


Victims from Alternate Timelines

Explosion future


  • While most of Niki's victims were committed with her power, her last victim she subdued while powerless.

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