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Odessa Register

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Odessa Register
Odessa register online.jpg

First mentioned: Don't Look Back
Current status: In circulation

The Odessa Register is a newspaper published in Odessa, TX.

Notable Employees


Don't Look Back

Claire Bennet reads an article in the Odessa Register about the train wreck that occurred the day prior, in which she rescued a man from the train. Since she did not take credit for the rescue, Claire was known only as a "Mysterious Good Samaritan" in the article.

The Fix

While searching the internet in the Burnt Toast Diner, Claire and Zach find an article from the Register that was published 14 years earlier. It told of an apartment fire in Kermit, TX which killed seven people, including Meredith Gordon and her eighteen month old daughter. Claire and Zach believe that Gordon is her biological mother.


  • While the newspaper it originated from was not identified, it is possible that the article praising Jackie Wilcox's false heroic deeds came from the Odessa Register.