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One of us, one of them

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One of us, one of them

Sylar and Noah are partnered together, following the policy of "one of us, one of them".

The Company has a policy of making its partnerships "one of us, one of them".


Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 1

It is noted that Company agents are paired into "one of us, one of them" partnerships.

One of Us, One of Them

Noah asks for his partner but Angela says the Haitian is not available. Noah reminds Angela of the Company's policy: "one of us, one of them". Angela says she has the perfect new partner, for Noah: Sylar.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Michael tells Doyle that Noah let Sylar kill Eden. Michael says, "That's what happens when you're 'one of them' and his partner."

Dying of the Light

When Claire insists on rescuing her birth mother Meredith, her adopted mother Sandra insists on going with her. Sandra says, "Your father always said, 'One of us, one of them.' I'm one of us."

Graphic Novel:Viewpoints

Sylar says, "It's supposed to be 'one of us, one of them.' Only none of 'them' wanted to partner with me."

Graphic Novel:Partners

Needing a partner due to the Haitian's absence, Noah chooses Meredith Gordon as his "one of them".

Cold Wars

Noah, Nathan, and Danko discuss what method they will use to capture evolved humans. Noah suggests Primatech's standard "one of us, one of them," since it helps even the odds. Danko says, "I think it's better to work with one of us, and one of us. Or ten of us. Or twelve of us, and none of them."

Into Asylum

Danko asks Noah for a plan, and Noah suggests "working the enemy": one of us, one of them. Danko asks how it's even possible to work with or even trust them, and Noah explains that evolved humans should be viewed as assets; weapons to be mobilized.

Under the Mask

Upon hearing her daughter Taylor show concern for her beloved Francis, Erica Kravid tells Taylor that "one of us, one of them" does not apply to the bedroom.

Heroes Evolutions

Evs Dropper's messages

On September 23, 2008, Evs Dropper sent out a message about Company agent Connie Logan. The message said, "Connie Logan was one of us: a person with abilities".


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