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One punch knockout

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Many characters are knocked out with one punch, often for a comedic effect.

Episodic Recurrences


  • Ando and Hiro are thrown out of a casino for cheating, where they meet one those whom they had cheated. When confronted, Ando warns them than Hiro will use his powers on them. In response, one of the men punches Hiro, knocking him unconscious.


  • Once Peter realizes how to use his acquired powers, he is unable to control them. Claude knocks him out with a single punch to avoid a possible overload.


  • Hope punches Hiro and knocks him out after he learns that she has misrepresented herself.


  • Ando dresses as a security guard and surprises Linderman's curator with a blow to the head, knocking the curator out.
  • Niki tells Nathan to knock her out so that Jessica will realize she is not in control. Nathan knocks her out with one punch.

Recurring Themes edit

Character connectionsChild vs. parentDeathFaith and religionFamilyFate vs. free willHeroismIronyLogic vs. emotionLonelinessLoyalty vs. treacheryMoral ambiguityOne punch knockoutPressure of responsibilityRevengeSacrificeSecrets and deceptionSpecialWomen in Refrigerators

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