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Portrayed by Clara Soyoung
First appearance The Fifth Stage
In-story stats
Known ability Shattering
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carny

Pearl is a carny at Sullivan Bros. Carnival. She is an evolved human with the ability to destroy objects by firing "invisible bullets".

Character History

The Fifth Stage

At Joseph's grave, Pearl listens to Samuel's speech.

Upon This Rock

While Samuel, Eli, and Claire discuss whether or not Claire can leave the carnival, Pearl strolls by.

Heroes Evolutions


In chapter 4 of Purpose, Pearl and Bo go to the Bowmans' trailer, where they find Chris arguing with John Mulligan and The Watcher. Pearl stands back and observes silently as Bo tries to make peace between the feuding men, and then watches as Chris unleashes a breath of fire.

In chapter 5 of Purpose, Pearl fights alongside Bo LoFontaine and Chris Bowman against John Mulligan. She slowly advances on John and he notes that while he has come up against Chris's and Bo's powers before, he has never fought someone like her. He stands and Pearl clasps her hands together and shapes them like a gun. John immediately ducks and behind him, a ceramic sink shatters. Pearl tries to fire again but John strikes her in the head with an iron pipe. Pearl looks momentarily confused before blood begins to pour down her face. Her eyes roll back and she collapses. Chris and Bo rush to see if she is alright, but her condition is left unsaid.

Evolved Human Abilities

Pearl has the ability to fire some sort of invisible blast from her hand that shatters anything she points at. This ability has been shown to affect most solid materials but it is still unknown what her full limits are.


  • Pearl was named for Ryan Gibson Stewart's daughter, whose middle name is Pearl.
  • Like many of the extras who portrayed carnies, Clara Soyoung created a background history for her character. She chose the name "Crystal" for herself, and gave her character the abilities to hear people's thoughts, catch and bend light, and become invisible. However, as these choices were unofficial, they were negated when the character's name and ability were revealed in the iStory Purpose.
  • According to Clara Soyoung, her character is a Leo.

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